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7 Unforgettable GOT7 Moments

7 Unforgettable GOT7 Moments

Since their debut in 2014, GOT7 has made their mark in the industry; from their classic songs to striking vocals, it’s not hard to see why GOT7 has been so successful. With releases like ‘Just Right,’ ‘You Calling My Name,’ and ‘Not By The Moon,’ GOT7 has managed to draw many fans into K-Pop and make them members of their fandom, Ahgases! Not only are the members talented, but, they have incredible personalities that draw fans and even non-fans in with many of their moments going viral. We’ve compiled some of their memorable moments to look back on!

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Drunk GOT7

Their variety show Hard Carry brought us countless moments of laughter and inside jokes within the fandom. From watching them get their driver’s license; well, Jackson getting his license, to an all-out chase through the streets of Seoul, GOT7 seem to get themselves into numerous comedic situations. Episode five of Hard Carry 2 is a fan-favorite episode because it consists of the members just relaxing with no schedule, drinking, and playing games. We got to see GOT7 without any stress or agenda.


Winning a Daesang which means grand prize, is every group’s dream achievement in their career, and when GOT7 won their first one in 2019, Ahgases couldn’t have been more emotional with this achievement. Six years after their debut, they finally achieved that grand prize win. Their hard work paid off!

Their achievement sent tears through the fandom but, it even created an inside joke. When GOT7 won, they assured us that they did not cry but, when the group picture came out, boy was it the opposite of what they told us! This fun moment brought some laughs in the midst of the tears of joy.

Butt Debates

Anytime the members go live, we’re guaranteed to experience some sort of chaotic entertainment, and this group live was nothing short of that. The viral debate that has been sweeping the K-Pop industry made it to GOT7’s live and gave us a hilarious scene where the members are eager to make their case on whether we have one butt or two.


When GOT7 member Youngjae had his solo fan meeting, Ahgases and even Youngjae were not expecting to have an emotional reunion during the event. Youngjae was surprised by members Yugyeom, Jaebeom, BamBam, and Jinyoung in person and received a video call from member Jackson as well. It was a touching moment for everyone and became a lasting memory for all.

GOT7 Fanmeeting

During one of GOT7’s early fan meetings, they received a surprise from Ahgases when they started to sing ‘Playground.’ The fans broke out into song, and it took the members completely by surprise, even drawing tears from fans and members alike. It’s a moment that we will never forget and stays dear to our hearts.

Freedom Looks Good On You

When GOT7 announced that they were not going to renew their contracts with JYPE, bird Twitter was in shambles immediately. An outpouring of emotion and even confusion came from all ends as we were left to figure out what would happen next. While birds were in tears, GOT7 was being… GOT7 on the GDA stage. They radiated happiness and that carried over to the fans. We can trust GOT7 to uplift Ahgases at all times.

We’re Here To Stay

With Ahgases still trying to process the news that GOT7 would no longer be under JYPE, the boys once again came to the rescue by releasing a gift for the fans with the song ‘Encore.’ The song is a precious present to the fans, and the video added a sentimental touch to the already emotional song. This song’s creation is a reminder that GOT7 is still together, and they will sing for us until the world ends.

There are numerous amounts of unforgettable moments that GOT7 has given us throughout their incredible career, and we hope that you enjoyed these seven moments. Did your favorite moment make it to this list? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @TheHoneyPOP. For more exciting updates on K-Pop news, be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook.


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  • Every moment is very special for us ❤️when they announced that they are not renew ing the contract with jyp we are scared that whats going on after that an then our boys came for us with encore and to make sure to us that they are still our got7❤️love to all members they bring so much happiness in our lives love you alot ❤️ guys and stay happy always cause your smile is everything for us ❤️#got7forever❤️❤️❤️❤️

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