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Here’s Why Calum Hood Has Captured Our Hearts Forever

Here’s Why Calum Hood Has Captured Our Hearts Forever


This one’s for you, Calum Hood, and all the people out there who adore you, including us at The Honey POP! Although we can list endless reasons why he is one of our favorite people after the nine years he’s been in our lives, here’s the best of the best of his laid back personality and our favorite moments! So, chill out for a while and indulge in the awesome human that Calum is!

He’s a Cheerleader for the People He Loves  

Whether it is supporting his other bandmates on their successes or accomplishments over the years, love for his sister on her newest album, or his bestie, Jagwar Twin, Calum never fails to let us know just how proud he is!

He Uses His Platforms for Activism, Change, and Awareness

Calum has always stood up for making societal changes, bringing awareness to important issues, and giving a voice to those who don’t have one, especially on the recent Black Lives Matter and the Black Trans Lives Movements. Not only did Calum take to Instagram and Twitter to share resources with his followers, but he also went out to protest in LA during the middle of the pandemic to stand in solidarity. In the past, he also helped raise funds for the wildfires the swept across his home in Australia last year and recognizing the Los Angeles Fire Department firefighters in the struggle of the devastating fires in California two years ago. He even encouraged his followers to vote in the 2016 Presidential election!

When He Adopted Duke

He’s the ultimate dog dad to his little guy Duke, and we’re so obsessed! Ever since he adopted him, Duke has been apart of the 5SOS family and always makes appearances on his social media whenever he’s proud of him, to show how much he means to him, or sharing special moments with the fans! His love for Duke is unmatched and brings out the best in Calum. Their companionship holds a special place in our hearts! 

He’s a Master at the Bass

Ugh, we’re feeling those bass vibes! Lucky for us all, we get to hear Cal’s sick skills as a musician on all our favorite 5 Seconds of Summer tracks! But hearing those bass lines live, nothing compares, especially when he’s giving it to us on ‘Valentine!’

In all seriousness, Cal was always a master musician, but with Youngblood and now, CALMhe was able to explore further the realms of his ability with all those heavy bass harmonies, like in ‘No Shame’ and ‘Teeth!’ Don’t even get us started on covers though, because this explosive duel with Ashton of ‘Blinding Lights,’ still got us fired up!


Ashton really tried to jam without me!!!! NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

♬ original sound – 5 Seconds of Summer

Are we all about that bass? Yes, we are, if Calum Hood is playing… he’s playing his way right into our hearts!

He’s Unassumingly Sassy and Undeniably Hilarious

This is not the first time, but the sass that came out in “quarantea” Twitch stream with his boys displays just the level Calum can get! Don’t be fooled by those brown doe eyes and a smile that makes us weak at the knees, because mixed with that sugar and everything nice is a little spice! When he’s not cracking jokes about himself, he’s ragging on Michael, Luke, and Ashton like all best friends/brothers do or playfully teasing the fans on his live streams. 

Though we can talk about how sweet he is for days, we have a soft spot for the lighthearted side of Calum, and hearing that laugh of his is more music to our ears! But when we’re done laughing with him over the silly jokes he makes, we are reminded not to take ourselves too seriously and enjoy life just like Calum does! Yes, that ‘Stacy’s Mom’ video from way back when babies still get us. 

He’s Endearingly Quiet but Speaks with Purpose

Calum is one who will sit back and listen in interviews and let the other three do the talking, but whenever he does contribute, it’s meaningful! We listen in awe every time. Of course, when he’s not sassy and silly! He never shies away from showing his appreciation of life, supporting good mental health, and expressing his vulnerabilities, and we love him for it. We still regularly watch this candid video with Ashton, especially when we need a positivity boost by all his words of wisdom.

He’s Unafraid of Showing His Sensitive Side, Supports Women’s Equality, and Fights Against Toxic Masculinity

Luke is not the only one known to advocate for anti-toxic masculinity! Calum, like Luke, can be seen rocking nail polish or sometimes wearing “unconventional” trends. Besides his appearance, Calum thoroughly supports women’s equality after being surrounded by strong females in his family through his mom and sister and uses his various social media accounts to spread the message! Even his quieter nature and showing his sensitive side breaks societal norms in itself!

When He Gave Us A Music Lesson on Our Favorite Calum Song ‘Wildflower

He never passes the chance to talk about the inspiration behind the tracks that are 5SOS, and the music geeks in us hang onto every word, especially learning about the Cal creations! So, when ‘Wildflower’ dropped, we were stoked; it was the newest track filled with strong Calum vocals, and those instrumentals were so sick with all those influences! It wasn’t long before Cal caught on how much we put ‘Wildflower’ on repeat, so he broke it down for us because he knew how much we wanted it!

He Appreciates the Fans

Calum Hood is regularly showing his love for the fans on Twitter, but this heartfelt message on 5SOS’s ninth anniversary says it all and shows just how much we all mean to him! Besides saying just how much he loves us, he’s also asking us for new suggestions, whether that be in music or how to style his hair next! We appreciate it all just the same, and although he’s been silent on social media lately, we still love all the interactions he’s given us in the past, like those live Q&A’s over the summer!

His Heart is Literally the Size of the Universe

It’s easy to see how sweet Calum is and doesn’t short change us in showing his affection towards us, Duke, or the people he loves. In a world of “cancel culture” and full of criticisms, his kindness and incredibly generous heart stands out amongst all the negativity! Although he may be a favorite musician of ours, he’s truly a gem to the world.

What’s your favorite Calum Hood moment? What do you love about him the most? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop-culture news!

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