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9 Birdy Songs To Get Ready For Young Heart

9 Birdy Songs To Get Ready For Young Heart


Birdy fans, you know what is coming your way? That is correct; an entire new Birdy album is dropping this year! Young Heart is slated to drop on April 30th, and we just got to hear the first single off of it this week! ‘Surrender’ is a beautiful and atmospheric piano piece about tragic love and immediately gives fans the signature Birdy feel. We get the string instrumental and Birdy’s beautiful voice harmonizing effortlessly, making for a fantastic song. We can’t believe that we are starting this year off with new music from one of our favorite singer-songwriters!

The singer-songwriter had disappeared for a while after her 2016 album Beautiful Lies, which left everyone in awe! Young Heart will be Birdy’s first full-length album after five years and her re-introduction to the scene with her four-song EP Piano Sketches last November. We missed her dearly and are so glad to get her back this year! And while we are highly anticipating her grand return, it is the perfect time to rediscover these nine Birdy classics.


Let’s start this list with one of the Birdy songs you will know even if you are not a Birdy fan. There is something about 2013 Birdy music that hits different, and there is genuinely no voice like hers. ‘Wings’ makes us, here at the Honey Pop, emotional every time we listen to it.

‘Skinny Love’

Did someone say ‘Skinny Love’ by Birdy? We did definitely! This song keeps aging like fine wine, and we can’t believe that this is one of Birdy’s earliest works off of her debut album Birdy. ‘Skinny Love’ breaks our hearts each time we listen to it, but it is still such a stunning song we can’t stop hitting replay. Birdy’s vocals and pianos were just meant to be together.

‘People Help The People’

Let’s talk about a song with a beautiful message, ‘People Help The People’ which takes you right back to 2011 and makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. Solidarity is something we have learned the importance of in the past year, and that’s why this 2011 single still resonates with fans so much today.

‘Not About Angels’

Yes, we admit it we were also huge fans of the 2014 movie The Fault In Our Stars, but the song that has stuck with us the most since is Birdy’s ‘Not About Angels.’ The music brings fans right back to the tragic tale of the movie and is a tear-jerker. Birdy’s performance of this song is just as phenomenal as always goes to show how talented she is. 

‘Keeping Your Head Up’

‘Keeping Your Head Up’ showed fans a more upbeat Birdy as the song included more beats and electronic elements than Birdy’s usual soft instrumentals. This makes the song an absolute banger. The choir effect on the chorus and the singer’s amazing vocals make this song a bop to get down to.

‘Open Your Heart’

We just had to include the song that started this new journey for Birdy last year. ‘Open Your Heart’ takes the singer back to her roots, and it works. Birdy delivers a stunning vocal performance alongside a piano instrumental, and the song makes fans emotional! We love to see Birdy back, and she is just as amazing as ever.

‘Let It All Go’

This is the second song on this list of Birdy’s last full-album Beautiful Lies, and RHODES’s addition to ‘Let It All Go’ is terrific. We can’t get enough of this beautiful song and hope to see something similar on Young Heart!

‘Heart Of Gold’

Another song off of Birdy’s second full-album, Fire Within. ‘Heart Of Gold’ is one of her best b-side tracks, and it is just as beautiful as the rest of the singer’s discography. Birdy knows how to make you feel emotions you never knew you could feel. Truly a masterpiece.

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‘Find Me’

Another side of Birdy was shown to fans in 2016 with ‘Find Me’ as it teams her up with DJ/Producer duo Stigma and gives fans her amazing voice combined with some groovy club beats. We never knew we needed this song until we got it, and it did not disappoint. It still bops five years later!

Here at THP, we think no one hits as Birdy does, and these nine songs are just a few songs out of her fantastic discography. Check out the rest of her music! We are so happy to see this queen coming back with a full-album and will be counting down the days to April 30th! What is your favorite Birdy song? What did you think about ‘Surrender’? How excited are you about the album? Let us know in the comments below and tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Lotta Boman via Atlantic Records

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