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Here’s Why Everyone Should Be Excited For Bang Yedam’s Solo Debut

Here’s Why Everyone Should Be Excited For Bang Yedam’s Solo Debut

This week, we got some of the best news ever: Bang Yedam is finally having his solo debut! After departing from Treasure a year ago, there’s nothing we’ve been waiting for more than Yedam’s solo debut. And it’s almost here.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Yedam, there’s only one thing you absolutely need to know to fall in love with him: he’s one of the best vocalists in the 4th gen. And we don’t say that slightly. His vocals are out of this world. If you don’t believe us, here are some performances and songs to get you as excited as we are for Bang Yedam’s solo debut!

‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’ (Originally by Shawn Mendes)

Yedam has been in the industry for a while now. Even before joining Treasure or their pre-debut reality show, he became known to the public when he won second place on K-Pop Star‘s second season at only 11 years old. Later on, he even appeared in Stray Kidssurvival show back in 2017, in which trainees from YG Entertainment and Stray Kids (at the time still trainees at JYP Entertainment) battled on different categories: vocals, dance, and rap. Yedam took care of the vocal part, obviously. And he blew everyone away with his cover of Shawn Mendes‘ ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back.’ It’s been over five years, and we’re still thinking about this performance. His power, his energy, his tone – everything. This is the definition of iconic.

‘HONESTY’ (Originally by Pink Sweat$)

We could listen to Yedam’s voice for hours on end. Every time he takes on a song, he sings it so beautifully there are honestly no words. He never fails to blow us away. And for his ‘HONESTY’ cover, this is also true for the original singer: Pink Sweat$ was as impressed with Yedam’s take on his song as we were, if not more. There is truly something special about his delivery and how he sings every single note. ‘HONESTY’ is such a sweet yet vocally very challenging song. And he ate it up.

‘Make Up’ (Originally by Sam Kim)

Something about a simple backing track and only Yedam’s raw, unfiltered vocals – one of the best things in the world. Words cannot express how much talent Yedam holds. He may have covered only one minute of Sam Kim‘s ‘Make Up,’ yet it was enough to go viral. And rightfully so. This still lives rent-free in our minds. His voice sounds beautiful, powerful, and sweet at the same time. Truly, we could never get tired of Yedam’s tone. Because it isn’t just about his technique or high notes, but the feeling he gives to the songs. He’s truly a unique vocalist everyone should know about.

His Original Songs

Bang Yedam isn’t only about covering songs – even though he could cover every song in the world, and we wouldn’t complain about it. He also has released some original songs. The only official release until now has been ‘WAYO.’ And what a song. When we say ‘WAYO’ is pop perfection, it almost feels like those words aren’t enough. It’s that good.

And while Yedam doesn’t have writing credits in ‘WAYO,’ he does write his own music. There are several unreleased songs written and composed by Yedam out there. And we also know that he has been studying producing. So it’s fair to assume that Yedam is coming back with all he has, and this type to let his own unique voice shine through. We honestly can’t wait to see what he has under his sleeve.

Bang Yedam will release his first mini-album, Only One, on November 23rd. Additionally, he will release a pre-release single on November 10th to give us a first taste of what’s to come. Believe us, we’re already counting the minutes, and so should you.

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What makes you the most excited about Yedam’s solo debut? How do you expect his first mini-album to sound like? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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