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8 Iconic Stray Kids B-Sides Everyone Needs To Know

8 Iconic Stray Kids B-Sides Everyone Needs To Know

Stray Kids has one of the most perfect discographies in K-Pop, including not only their title tracks but also their b-sides. As they write and produce all their songs, each song is extra special to them and to us. Some b-sides are simply a must when getting to know Stray Kids. If you’re new to Stray Kids, take this as just some of the b-sides you need to know. We could add their entire discography, but as Bang Chan likes to say: eight is a good number.

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‘Spread My Wings’ (Mixtape, 2018)

Let’s take a walk down memory lane for a second to their first release: Mixtape. This pre-debut mini-album included the songs written during their survival show. ‘Spread My Wings’ was the last one to be revealed in the show and one of the most special ones. The meaning behind the lyrics is simply beautiful. The anxieties and fears of growing up have always been a recurrent theme in Stray Kids‘ lyrics. ‘Spread My Wings’ talks about it in such a real and raw way through its hopeful and youthful melody.

Even years later, ‘Spread My Wings’ will always be iconic and one of their most meaningful songs.

‘Get Cool’ (I am YOU, 2018)

Stray Kids are known for their loud and impactful title tracks, but that’s far from being the only type of music they do. Apart from having one of the most perfect discographies, they also have one of the most diverse discographies out there. ‘Get Cool’ is one of those songs that is more on the cute side of their discography. And they nailed this concept so well! It’s addictive, it’s fun, and their charm just shines so well through this one. The wit and puns in the lyrics are so Stray Kids. ‘Get Cool’ is a b-side that will forever be remembered.

‘Victory Song’ (Clé 1: MIROH, 2019)

So much about ‘MIROH’ era is memorable, including the b-sides. But if we had to pick only one of them it would have to be, of course, ‘Victory Song.’ It’s loud, it’s overflowing with confidence, and we couldn’t possibly forget that choreography or Felix’s voice in the first verse. This screams Stray Kids all over. They even performed this at the MAMAs 2020 – mind you, almost two years after its release. And it is also part of their setlist for the MANIAC tour. Goes to show the longevity of this song and just how iconic it is!

‘Easy’ (GO LIVE, 2020)

Out of their first full-length album, ‘Easy’ was the promoted b-side for this era, and we cannot emphasize enough just how good of a choice it was. While we love every single b-side in GO LIVE, and all songs Stray Kids have ever released for that matter, ‘Easy’ is so powerful. This one could have easily been a title track. Everything about it makes it one of Stray Kids’ best b-sides. ‘Easy’ could never get old.


‘CHEESE’ made its impact even before its release. Something we love about Stray Kids is their uniqueness and how they will always stand their ground. ‘CHEESE’ is all about that. It’s about mocking haters in what could only be described as the most Stray Kids way. And it got people mad. Stray Kids pulled this one off in such a unique and fun way. They even performed this at the 2021 MAMAs. The way Stray Kids keep performing b-sides in these huge award shows just goes to show how proud and confident they are, and should be, of their music.


‘DOMINO’ was the promoted b-side after the release of ‘Thunderous’ and Stray Kids’ second full-length album, NOEASY. The album title said it all: Stray Kids were unapologetic about their unique and loud sound. ‘CHEESE’ is a perfect example of this, but so is ‘DOMINO.’ The choreography is one of their most unique ones ever, and the production of this track is just on another level. They even released the English version of the track as a b-side on Christmas EveL. And, let’s be real, Han saying “aye domino” remains one of the most iconic and unforgettable moments in Stray Kids’ entire discography. All of that, and we still never got the full music video, unfortunately.

‘Red Lights’ (NOEASY, 2021)

Yes, it’s another NOEASY b-side, but how could we possibly leave this one out? ‘Red Lights’ might be a sub-unit song, but its hold on everyone is indescribable. ‘Red Lights’ showed a new side to Stray Kids – and we thought we had seen it all. It went to the point that Stray Kids added ‘Red Lights’ to their MANIAC Tour setlist but as an OT8 song, and we couldn’t be more thankful for that. The concept, the music, the lyrics, and the music video – ‘Red Lights’ is on its own scale.

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‘Charmer’ (ODDINARY, 2022)

‘Charmer’ may not have a music video or a dance practice, but what it does have is a hold on us that is not even close to letting go. Everything about ODDINARY was iconic if we’re being fair, but something about this b-side is on another level. The whistling, the vibe, everything about it. The moment we first heard it, we knew the power it would have. And its performance and that choreography made it even better – we didn’t think that was possible.

Which one of these do you think is most iconic? What are your favorite Stray Kids b-sides of all time? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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