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Exclusive Interview: SkyeChristy Give The Definition of Sibling Harmony

Exclusive Interview: SkyeChristy Give The Definition of Sibling Harmony

Creating a bond beyond their family ties, sisters Georgia Christy Edwards and Sophie Skye Edwards have come together to form a duo, SkyeChristy. With a group name so perfect, you’d think their parents fated them to be our new favorite musical pair! Because you know we’re a sucker for sibling collaborations.


Giving us the soundtrack to our dreams, SkyeChristy’s vocals have a way of being soft yet powerful, with the contrast being the duo’s strong suit. Add in the punch of their lyrics, and you’ve got the perfect song. Especially when it’s their newest track, ‘Beach Zombies!’ And lucky for you busy bees, we got a chance to learn all about the creation of ‘Beach Zombies,’ what it’s like to work together as sisters, and what fans can expect in 2023 in our exclusive interview!

How would you describe your sound, and what influences and inspires your music?
We base our style of music on what we grew up listening to. We love artists like Omar Apollo, ThunderCat, The Internet, Lana Del Rey; the list could go on and on. But we really discovered our sounds in quarantine when we were listening to nothing but canyon music like Eagles, Joni Mitchell, and John Denver. Our style feels like a combination of the two, and that’s where we found our sound.

Can you take us through your creative process for songwriting and recording?
Normally it’ll start with a chord progression that gets stuck in our heads, then we try to be as honest as possible with our lyrics. We write about the new challenges that we’re facing. Some of those challenges are things we face together, while other times, we’ll help each other write about the things we face alone. After we’ve written our song, both of us can hear how we want the track to sound so clearly, as though we’re in each other’s head. It’s just about finding the right producer.

Do you think that being sisters helps your songwriting? 
Definitely. Sometimes when you’re in a session with someone you don’t know, it can be hard not to spare the other person‘s feelings. To sit through a session that you know is just not working. But with a sister, no time is wasted, because we’re so brutally honest with each other. Often times we’ll bring each other songs, and the other sister will turn it down. But honestly, we’re grateful for that because the end result is always what we both want.

You’ve been making music together since high school. How has your dynamic changed and evolved over the years?
The first time we ever really hung out with each other is when Georgia got her license. It was always that younger sister, older sister dynamic until we realized we’re actually built-in best friends. We realized we had really similar taste in music, and that we really enjoyed just singing together in the car. I guess now we’ve taken our singing to a more professional level, but it has always been about singing together. That’s all we want to do.

How do you balance your individual creative ideas with the collaborative process of making music together?
We’re not afraid of letting each other take the lead on a song. Sometimes one of us will write a song, and it will just be personal to one of us, so we just back each other. Some songs are about a shared experience we have, and others are not. 

You two are gaining a nice following on TikTok! How has keeping up with content creation on that end been?
It’s been great! We just stay true to ourselves, and post the things we want to share.

Your newest single is ‘Beach Zombies,’ can you tell us a little about the inspiration for this track? 
For this song, we were inspired by some of the people we had met in LA. You know when you get involved with people who are totally toxic, but it sort of feels good to revel in it while it lasts? That’s what Georgia and I were talking about in this song. 

And we love the visualizer! Can you take us behind the inspo for the video? 
We wanted to take people to see one of the staples of Los Angeles: the Santa Monica Pier, where you can see and feel all the glitz and glamor of LA. To show a place full of light, that can hide hints of darkness.

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What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
We hope people can relate to the stories in our songs. Everything we write is based on lived experience, so we want them to know they’re not alone. It can be really vulnerable to put your heart on the line when you write a song, but it’s the most redeeming feeling when people understand what you’re talking about. We want our listeners to know that we’re grateful for them.

What can fans look out for in the future from SkyeChristy?
Much more music coming soon! And we are so excited to travel to the UK in May, where we are doing three gigs! We know it’s going to be a whole lot of fun getting to live our dreams as sisters.

SkyeChristy is already taking over our playlists by making music that resonates with us so deeply! Doesn’t sibling harmony scratch the perfect spot? We can’t wait to hear what they have in store for the rest of 2023!

Did we help you find your new favorite artist? What do you think of the newest SkyeChristy track? Let us know in the comments below, or send us a tweet @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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