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That’s What I Go To Tour For – Our Dream Setlist For Busted’s 20th Anniversary Tour

That’s What I Go To Tour For – Our Dream Setlist For Busted’s 20th Anniversary Tour

We apologize for the cheesy ‘What I Go To School For’ pun, but we’re just too excited that Busted are back and hitting the road for the 20th anniversary of their debut album, Busted! As well as their debut single, ‘What I Go To School For,’ we’ve been thinking about all the possible setlists the boys could play when they embark on their UK tour this September.

After announcing yesterday that they’re bringing their debut album to the stage, it has got us reminiscing on all of the classic tunes. (Who are we kidding, we still jam out to them at least once a week.) We’re not sure anything could top the original, but by reimagining ‘Loser Kid’ with Simple Plan, we know it’s going to come pretty close to perfect. 

While we’re counting down the days until the 14th of April, when we’ll get to hear the ‘Loser Kid 2.0’ collab, we’ve been streaming the Busted classics and wondering what songs the band will be playing live. Here are a few songs that we’d love to see make the setlist:

‘Thunderbirds Are Go’

We know, despite the song having hit number one, it’s an underrated gem in the Busted discography, but picture this: the lights dim, the countdown starts, and the Thunderbirds theme plays as the band rises on a platform to the stage before they spring into action. Iconic. Maybe it’s the Thunderbirds nostalgia in our noughties hearts, but we would love to see this one live. 

‘You Said No’

Let’s keep the energy going with this hit from their debut album. The second track on Busted, back in 2004, was one of the songs that really gripped you as a first-time listener. Rejection is universal, and it sucks, but Busted have turned it into an energetic, fun track that’ll get the crowd up and moving.


This song is so fun for a number of reasons. Lyrically and sonically nodding to the works of Britney Spears and her then-partner’s band, NSYNC’s ‘It’s Gonna Be Me,’ this is such a fun tribute and a brilliant nod to the noughties. 

‘When Day Turns Into Night’

This track is a little slower, but equally as brilliant as the songs we’ve mentioned so far. The songwriting is fantastic, and the beautiful strings could make for an incredible moment as they return to the stage later this year. 

‘Loser Kid’

We can’t wait to hear this live, especially if they’re reimagining the single. We may also be crossing our fingers for one or two on-stage surprise performances with their soon-to-be collaborators, Simple Plan. Talk about a supergroup that’s pop-punk excellence right there!

‘Year 3000’

Of course, there was no way we could leave this iconic hit out. Here at THP, it’s literally our job to write about and get inspiration from the music and media we love, so we’re not surprised Busted’s James Bourne does the same and brought his love of Back To The Future into his writing. When it comes to music from the 2000s, there is no denying this song is right up there with the best. ‘Year 3000’ is a crowd-pleaser we will never get tired of.

‘Crashed The Wedding’

You know we’re hopeless romantics who also love a little drama here at THP, so of course, we had to include ‘Crashed The Wedding.’ The song absolutely rocks your socks off, and we hope they bring out the iconic costumes from the start of the video out on tour. Feel free to take these as notes, boys! We don’t mind if you copy our setlist, go ahead.

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Special mentions go to ‘Air Hostess,’ ‘On What You’re On,’ and ‘Shipwrecked in Atlantis.’ Okay, we’re going to stop there with must-haves on our dream setlist, or we’ll have put in every single song from every single album. Don’t blame us for our lack of control; blame Busted for having such an incredible discography!

UK fans, make sure you sign up here for pre-sale tickets that go live Wednesday, March 29th at 9am! Any remaining tickets will be available for purchase from 9am on Friday the 31st. Make sure you’re quick, because we have a feeling these are going to be some of the hottest tickets in town!

So how did we do? Are all your faves on our fictional setlist or are there any we criminally neglected to include? Let us know in the comments, or drop us a Tweet @TheHoneyPOP! We’ll also be hanging out on our Facebook or Instagram so make sure you come say hi, we’ll be ready and waiting to talk all things Busted!


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