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5 Songs We’d Love To See Live On McFly’s Power To Play Tour

5 Songs We’d Love To See Live On McFly’s Power To Play Tour

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We know, Galaxy Defenders, we’ve been right there in the trenches with you, fighting for our lives in pre-sales this week to secure our Power To Play tickets. But it’ll all have been worth it once we get to see McFly back up on that stage. We’ve had some time to think while we were sitting in those ticket queues, and here are five songs that we would love to see on the setlist alongside the new album!

From what we’ve heard so far from Power To Play, McFly are really ramping up the Rock and Roll for this album, and we cannot wait to hear the rest of it. Their lead single, ‘Where Did All The Guitars Go?,’ and the recent drop ‘God of Rock & Roll’ have gotten us so excited for the album that June 9th feels so far away. We’re loving McFly leaning into the 80’s rock sound, and we can’t wait to hear what else is to come. It’s safe to say that based on what we’ve heard so far, we’re going to want to see the whole of Power To Play back-to-back live, but here are a few songs we think would really add to the setlist.

‘Five Colours in Her Hair’

One day in 2004, my parents decided to pick up Room On The 3rd Floor, the debut album of this new band, McFly, which had a lot of buzz. That album changed the trajectory of my life and helped to shape young Emily’s music taste for life. This album still hits just as hard as it did back then, and the debut single, ‘Five Colours in Her Hair,’ has been part of the soundtrack to so many lives. We cannot state enough how brilliant a debut this was. The uptempo, high-energy track feels like it would mesh really well with the Power To Play tour vibes. So much fun, and who doesn’t want to see this live?

‘Growing Up’ Ft. Mark Hoppus

McFly are legends in their own right, but when they collaborated with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus, our world’s shifted. The song is all about retaining your youth by just being you and not giving an f about other people’s opinions – a message we can truly get behind. Along with the rest of the Young Dumb Thrills album, this song is a certified banger, and we’d love to see this added to the setlist. We recommend you watch the video for full viewing pleasure because it’s hilarious, top-tier content.

‘One For the Radio’

We think ‘One For the Radio’ is one for the setlist. This 2008 song is an absolute anthem and fits right into the rock and roll, punk vibes we’re anticipating with the new album. No need to ask, ‘Where Did All The Guitars Go?’ – they’re right here! This is the perfect opportunity to rock out with the crowd.

‘Star Girl’

Come on, Galaxy Defender; you didn’t think we’d leave this one out, did you? Many of us grew up listening to ‘Motion In The Ocean’ and pop it back into the CD player anytime we need a little serotonin boost. There was a point in time when if you put on Chris Moyles’ Radio 1 Breakfast Show on a Friday, you’d hear ‘Star Girl’ every single week as part of his McFlyDay feature. Every week. For Years. It’s just that good. ‘Star Girl’ still rules our skies, and so ‘Obviously’ (wink wink), we couldn’t leave this one out.

‘Love Is On The Radio’

It’s just so wholesome and fun; we will never stop loving ‘Love Is On The Radio,’ and if previous tours are anything to go by, this track provides a really great atmosphere. We’d love to see them slip this one onto the setlist. If you need a little boost today, just sit down with us for a second and watch this music video.

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You’ve still got time to try and grab some tickets to tour if we’ve managed to tantalize you with all the setlist possibilities! The general sale starts at 9 am BST this Friday (May 5th); get the link set up on your laptop here so you’re ready to go the minute they go live.

So what do you think? Did we include your favorite McFly track, or is there something you’re dying to hear on the setlist? Let us know in the comment section below, or drop us a Tweet @TheHoneyPOP! We’ll also be hanging out on our Facebook or Instagram, so head over there, too and let us know if you managed to snag some tickets.


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