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Here’s Which Power To Play Songs You Should Listen To Based On Your Room on the 3rd Floor Favorites!

Here’s Which Power To Play Songs You Should Listen To Based On Your Room on the 3rd Floor Favorites!

Is there a greater feeling than McFly releasing a new album? We don’t think so! McFly have been putting out incredible albums since they debuted in 2004 and their latest offering is no different. In light of their seventh studio album Power To Play being released, we figured it was only right to take you back to where it all started with a trip to Room on the 3rd Floor. Whether you’re an old fan looking to get up to date on their new tracks, a long-time Galaxy Defender, or even a new fan wanting to discover some of their older music, this article is definitely going to put you in the mood for more McFly!

‘Saturday Night’ And ‘Land Of The Bees’

The vibes of the songs may be rather different, but if you’re looking for where all the guitars went, they’re right here. ‘Saturday Night‘ is a guitar and fun-filled tribute to the weekend parties of our youth. If you love this Mcfly track, we think you’ll be a big fan of ‘Land Of The Bees.‘ With a similarly impactful guitar opening, both songs radiate the energy of good times. The band wants to see your best dance moves and head bangs to this new track so you better get practicing for tour.

‘Not Alone’ And ‘Honey I’m Home’

Are you in the mood for a little comfort or a cry? There’s no shame or judgment here. We’re pretty sure this song has been putting us deep in our feelings since before we knew what emotions really were. If you like Room on the 3rd Floor‘s ‘Not Alone,‘ then we have a feeling you’ll love ‘Honey I’m Home.‘ Danny’s vocals really shine here and it’s a really beautiful and emotive song. If you’re anything like us, this track might have already made its way into your 2 AM playlists!

‘Hypnotised’ And ‘Crash’

This one may be controversial but stay with us. We’d like to think that ‘Crash’ can be a sequel to 2004’s ‘Hypnotised.‘ Clocking in at only 1 minute 40 seconds, ‘Crash‘ feels like a release of energy. They’ve broken the curse and broken off that toxic relationship, and this is them trying to get out of the rut they’re singing about while dealing with the negative emotions it’s left them with. Do you see the vision? We hope so!

‘Room on the 3rd Floor’ And ‘I’m Fine’

So things aren’t going your way; you’re trying to keep your feet on the ground and your head straight but the anger is creeping in and you can’t push it down. We recommend the double feature of their debut’s title track followed by their more recent ‘I’m Fine.‘ Sometimes you just want to be p*ssed off and not be asked about it. ‘I’m Fine’ totally captures that place and we think the song is a cathartic listen.

‘Five Colours In Her Hair’ And ‘God of Rock And Roll’

You know we have to include some of the singles, and you’d be hard-pressed to find songs that are packed with more energy and attitude than ‘Five Colours In Her Hair‘ and ‘God of Rock And Roll.‘ It’s time to go have fun, let your hair down (no coloring required!), and have a sing-along! When we say that McFly have the most uplifting and positive aura, these singles are perfect representations. You can’t be the number one at making bad decisions if you’re listening to either of these tracks!

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