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Exclusive Interview: Busted On Their 20-Year Anniversary And Hitting The Road Again

Exclusive Interview: Busted On Their 20-Year Anniversary And Hitting The Road Again

“Busted is back!”

And with that one post, our lives changed for the better. Busted crashed into our lives with their debut single, ‘What I Go To School For,’ in the early 2000s, and they’ve been a part of our lives ever since. The band is now celebrating its 20th anniversary with a UK tour and is even dropping a new version of the fan-favorite song, ‘Loser Kid,’ with Simple Plan. What a team-up!

Luckily, ahead of the 20th-anniversary tour, we got to live every fan’s dream by getting the opportunity to ask Busted all our burning questions! Here’s what the band had to say about their upcoming tour and ‘Loser Kid 2.0.’ Plus, they reflect on the past 20 years!

You’ve always had a strong pop-punk sound, but how do you think audiences will react to you collaborating with some of the biggest names in the genre, like Simple Plan, for your re-release of ‘Loser Kid?’ 
We are huge fans of Simple Plan. We are stoked they agreed to jump on this track with us. Pierre has such a recognisable voice and sounds epic on ‘Loser Kid!’

It’s been 20 years since you dropped your self-titled album, and so much has happened since –– a hiatus, a supergroup, marriage, and kids! If you could meet Matt, James, and Charlie 20 years ago, what advice would you give yourselves?
I’d tell Matt to soak it in a bit. Life moves so fast, and sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses.

What were your favorite tracks on the album when you first released it, and have they changed?
I LOVE ‘Loser Kid’ so much, and I still do. In fact, I love it more now than ever on this new recording.

Busted fans are going crazy on socials right now with the tour announcement. That kind of longevity is pretty hard to achieve; what does it feel like to still have such a passionate fanbase 20 years after your debut?
We never take this sh*t for granted. Our fans have shown us so much love over the years. This tour is a celebration for them, really. We are going to give them everything they have ever wanted from a Busted show.

Halfway There has a very different sound from self-titled and A Present For Everyone, but it’s still quintessentially Busted. How would you say your sound has grown and evolved over the years?
We have gotten so much better as musicians over the years. We are pushing ourselves these days and still making music that we love, and we hope our fans will too.

Charlie, you blew us all away as Rhino on The Masked Singer (side note, we called it from Day 1; your voice is unmistakable)! What was the experience and reaction like for you? 
It was crazy. It was so hot underneath that suit. Also really funny that Joel guessed it from word go. Love that guy.

Matt and James couldn’t help but get in on the action on TikTok too! What are the chances Rhino, Mop Bucket, and Handbag will stop by on tour?
In the words of Bieber….”Never say never.”

The last time we saw you tour was pre-pandemic, and you certainly surprised fans with your Slamdunk secret set! Are there any surprises fans should look forward to on tour?
We have so many plans for this tour. We are going to throw everything at it. Just wait and see. This is going to be the biggest and best tour EVER!

3 appears to be the magic number on your upcoming tour, with the trio’s Hanson and New Hope Club opening the shows! So what are 3 of your most memorable touring experiences? 
First, Wembley was huge! And getting to play the most Wembleys by any band ever was a buzz! I think also the first show back with Charlie on stage will always be a special moment.

And finally, we’ve been reminiscing on the old days and rewatching America or Busted. What was the recording process of that like, and would you ever branch back into the world of TV? Perhaps a 20th-anniversary tour documentary?
That was super weird making that show. Fun but strange. We are a bit old school when it comes to filming everything. But we are learning to keep a camera on everywhere we go.

We hope we get to see that footage one day! If you, like us, are trying to secure tickets to the tour, you can check out all the dates and information here! You can also pre-save ‘Loser Kid 2.0’ with Simple Plan now to be the first to hear it when it drops. In the meantime, we’ll be streaming all the Busted classics and praying we can score those tour tickets!

Are you looking forward to the new single? Did you manage to get tickets? Let us know in the comments, or Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us over on Facebook or Instagram!



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