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Interview: James Bourne Talks Going Solo, Positive Messages, And 2020

Interview: James Bourne Talks Going Solo, Positive Messages, And 2020

We all know and love him, he is known mostly from the band Busted, but let’s get to know James Bourne as he goes solo. With the recent release of his single ‘Everyone Is My Friend‘ and announcement of his debut solo album ‘Safe Journey Home.’ We know James Bourne is who everyone wants to know about.

James Bourne
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We are lucky enough to have had a chat with James getting to more about him and his solo work. Check it out below!

1. 2020 is definitely a weird time for everyone, but especially for musicians to be releasing music. With writing your album, have any songs come from the impact of staying in quarantine?

I actually wrote my first album last year before the pandemic hit but I wrote my second album in total isolation and it’s a very happy album. It’s the happiest sounding music I’ve ever made believe it or not!

2. ‘Everyone Is My Friend’ is a song full of positive messages. What was the most positive thing you learned these past few months?

The company of the people we love is the most important thing in the world.

3. You have mentioned that your single was the one to naturally come first out of the songs on your album. Where did this song come to be in the writing process? Was it one of the first songs written, or was it one of the last?

It was the first song I wrote!

4. With ‘Everyone Is My Friend’ what made you lean more for a soul-country song rather than rock or pop or any other genre? Do you feel it suits your solo sound better?

I didn’t really decide that! the songs just kind of write themselves and that’s how this one wanted to sound.

5. Referring to the title of your song ‘Everyone Is My Friend’, do you consider your fans as your friends too? How’s your relationship with them?

Some fans that I see all the time naturally start to become like friends. You start to recognise their faces remember their names. I’d say I have a good number of friends in my life who started off fans! I also have a lot of fans who started off friends. You can still be selective about who your friends are without ruling out fans. 

6. You’ve written for artists such as The Vamps and 5 Seconds of Summer, would you say there are any particular differences in writing for another artist as opposed to for yourself?

I’m more connected and in tune with the songs I write for myself. I enjoy writing for myself more.

7. What would you say is the most significant difference between your solo music and Busted’s music? Are there any influences of the band’s sound on your own? What about the biggest differences in writing for your solo project and writing for the band?

Songs need vehicles! An artist is a vehicle for a song. The process for my own vehicle and the Busted vehicle isn’t that different. It happens a bit faster on my own. Like 20% faster.

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8. As you’re launching your solo career, do you have any feelings of being nervous about it? Have you channeled your feelings about it into your album at all? What is one message that you hope that people will take away from listening to your album?

No nerves. Just excitement. I hope people are ready for more because I have a lot more coming!

Huge thank you to James Bourne for chatting with us and answering our questions! We are loving the solo music so much already and cannot wait for the album ‘Safe Journey Home’ that is due out in October (you can pre-save or pre-order here). Let us know what new information you learned about James today! Find us over on twitter @TheHoneyPop or Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Dedikated PR

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