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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sam MacPherson Talks Tour and Powerlines

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sam MacPherson Talks Tour and Powerlines


It’s ‘Safe To Say,’ we are in love with Sam MacPherson‘s music… see what we did there? Since we’re such big fans of his work, we felt extremely lucky to be able to chat with the singer all about his upcoming EP, Powerlines, and his headlining tour!

The tour kicks off in Washington, D.C., on April 17 and wraps up in LA on May 19.

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“I am going on my first ever headline tour!! what the fuh!!” he said in an Instagram post about the tour.

You can grab your tickets here!

On top of that, his 8-song EP Powerlines drops on April 14, just in time for tour. We can’t wait to listen to this EP on repeat! Pre-save the EP here.

“Objectively speaking, we’re all connected by powerlines, however, they’re not the only reason you’re connected to another person, a large group of people, or humanity itself. As you get older, you realize we’re more alike than different because we’re connected by things like falling in love.”

Sam MacPherson

Read our chat with the New Jersey native below!

Congrats on your first headlining tour! What’s one thing about headlining that you’re most looking forward to?
Thank you! Live music is my favorite kind of music, so I’m just excited for everything that tour will be. The playing, the meeting people, it’s pure joy to me.

Is there anything you can reveal about what’s on the setlist? How did you decide on it?
I’ll say I think the setlist will be pretty dynamic. Up, down, happy, sad – there will be something for everyone.

Is there a certain song you think will surprise fans live or will be a fan-fave on tour?
I’m thinking ‘Powerlines.’ It’s just so fun to play.

What are your must-haves on the road?
Water always, headphones and my laptop for movies, and some good company.

Image Source: Courtesy of Sam MacPherson / Elektra Entertainment

What story do you want your upcoming EP to tell? Did you have a certain direction you wanted it to take when you started recording?
I wanted to tell the stories that I’ve carried with me for quite [some] time now and just haven’t shared yet. Writing this record felt like I was documenting the past, getting some stuff off my chest, and looking towards the future all in one. In terms of direction, I just put my head down and wrote for a good six months and followed the songs.

How did ‘Safe To Say’ start? What was the writing process like?
I brought a voice memo chorus melody to my brother in life and music Adam Yaron, who produced most of this EP. We just sat and talked for an hour or two about how we were feeling at the moment. One of us said, “Safe to say it’s all downhill from here, right?” and we were off.

Which song are you most proud of on Powerlines?
I’m really proud of all of the songs. ‘Maggie Will’ is always going to be a special song to me.

What are some of your favorite sounds, i.e. certain instruments, harmonies, etc.? What are you drawn to in music?
I guess it’d depend on how I’m feeling, but as a general rule, I’m drawn to music that has any type of depth – emotional, lyrical, sonic. I don’t really care, I just love music that has the ability to bring you somewhere or make you feel something.

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Image Source: Courtesy of Sam MacPherson / Elektra Entertainment

What would you tell a younger version of yourself about doing music now that you’re heading out on a headlining tour?
Considering I didn’t know I could play music or sing until I was 20, I would go back and give younger me a heads-up much sooner.

Who inspires you as a live performer? Who was your first concert?
John Mayer inspires me as a performer, and so does Bruce Springsteen. The Rolling Stones were my first concert at MetLife.

Is there anything else you’d love for fans to know ahead of the tour?
With the EP coming out right before tour, there will be a ton of new songs to play and experience live, and [I] just can’t wait to see everyone at these shows!

Stay up-to-date with Sam MacPherson so you don’t miss a thing as he embarks on his headlining tour! You don’t wanna miss adding his electric new EP to your spring and summer playlists, either. Don’t forget to grab your tickets and stream his most recent releases now!

What date will you be going to on the Powerlines Tour? Let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop, or in the comments below!

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