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Genevieve Stokes’ New EP Got Us ‘Catching Rabbits’ This Easter

Genevieve Stokes’ New EP Got Us ‘Catching Rabbits’ This Easter

It might become a habit here at THP, but we can’t stop sharing our hype about music as good as this. Being named by Alternative Press as the “New Artist You Need To Hear,” Genevieve Stokes is undoubtedly an artist born to share her world vision through her voice and piano chords.

Genevieve is back now with a new EP that is definitely something else, a new step in her career, and our newest obsession.

Image Source: Courtesy of Andrew George, Atlantic Records

Clue Time

Hold on to your seats because this album has much more to offer than anyone could imagine. Before we keep on analyzing the album, let us bring up our detective side and why we think this album is something else;

Clue number one, the album is spectacular

Clue number two, the album has to do with rabbits, and it was released during Easter

And clue number three, the album was also released in the year of the bunny…

Let’s Check Out The EP

Now that we shared our clues and why we think the EP is special, let’s analyze why it is special for Genevieve and all of us, her fans.

This EP is more introspective and experimental than my first project, and I think it reflects a change in my connection to reality and the relationships in my life.

Says Genevieve.

This EP opens up a brand-new world of imagination with a dreamy exploration of what it means to heal and unlock your inner child. All of those are complex topics, but somehow Genevieve managed to join them on an EP that simply invites you to a new world, a new vision of magic, and your mind.
Think Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland combined with Genevieve’s uniquely brooding and personal touch.

Image Source: Courtesy of Andrew George, Atlantic Records.

‘Book Of Memories’

The main track of the EP is a song where Genevieve leads us into that space of our minds; where we store all of those things we wish we would forget, those who haunt us, and those who just fade away. And as if that wasn’t enough, she made a video to go along with that has us speechless.

Track List


‘You & Me’

‘Can I’

‘Book of Memories’



Six songs are more than enough to express the complexity of the mind when you are Genevieve Strokes. In those songs, we will find amazing rhymes, sweet piano chords, memories, magic, and emotions all boxed into 20 minutes.

The Catching Rabbits Tour

See? There is nothing ordinary about this EP and how Genevieve created this masterpiece, and to top it all off, she will be promoting her new album with a tour starting on May 14th!

See Also

14 – Portland, ME – Portland House of Music & Events

16 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge

17 – Washington, DC – DC9

20 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar

22 – Los Angeles, CA – The Moroccan Lounge

We said it before, this is the alt-music year, and Genevieve is also adding her touch to how music is changing in this era.

Come around to @theyhoneypop and let us know which is your favorite track from the EP, and if we are seeing you on tour. Check all we got for you on Instagram and Facebook too. We’d love to see you there!


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