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BoyWithUke’s Serotonin Dreams Album Is Everything We Dreamed It Would Be

BoyWithUke’s Serotonin Dreams Album Is Everything We Dreamed It Would Be

Get in, losers. We’re going back to that Tumblr era where everyone wanted to learn ukulele and we all struggled while trying to figure out the tuning. Not really – this time, we’re getting shown how it’s done thanks to BoyWithUke. He just dropped his latest album, Serotonin Dreams, and we’ve had it on repeat since release day. Us driving to our local music stores to pick up our own ukes after listening to this masterpiece:

With every strum, every note, and every word of every lyric, BoyWithUke reels us right in! Each song on Serotonin Dreams snakes into our minds in a different way, making some of our deepest emotions feel understood and making some of our favorite playlists feel like they just found a new winner to add. We really think it’s his best work to date, all while showing us there’s plenty more up BWU’s sleeve.

The album is my magnum opus. All produced on my iPad. It completes the ‘Dreams’ saga. I’m waking up.


If you haven’t kept up with BoyWithUke’s work, the ‘Dreams’ saga he’s talking about is a trilogy of the albums he’s released so far: Melatonin Dreams, Fever Dreams, now Serotonin Dreams! So if you love Serotonin Dreams, you have two more full projects to immerse yourself in. Speaking of immersing yourself in his music, we thought we’d tell you about some standout tracks from the album!

‘Let Me Down’

The third track on Serotonin Dreams really sets a mood right away, with delicate ukulele strumming and background talking, as if it takes place between two people having a warm conversation at a party. A little under a minute in, the song picks up in pace, and BoyWithUke questions whether he could have a future with the person he’s pining for. It perfectly captures the triumphs and defeats, the epic highs and lows of having a crush who may or may not know you exist.


BoyWithUke and blackbear are a musical match made in heaven! After some sweet love songs, our favorite ukulele rockstar decides to leave a toxic relationship and forge a way forward with some help from our favorite alt-pop prince of heartbreak. Streaming-wise, it’s the second most popular song on the record so far and it’s totally deserving of that spot. ‘IDGAF’ summarizes the tumultuous feelings after a breakup while the uke-driven instrumental keeps the mood up. 


Speaking of that post-breakup angst, ‘Understand’ follows a similar story to ‘IDGAF,’ but it leans more into the sad side of the end of a relationship. When a romance comes to an end, it really can feel like everything in your life is crumbling, and BoyWithUke just gets it. ‘Understand’ goes from a heartbreak banger to an introspective look at BWU’s mindset, bad habits, and more.

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‘Understand’ is the highlight of the album. I had a lot of fun writing it. Very important lines in this one.


Though you should definitely check out the entirety of Serotonin Dreams, we thought these recommendations would get you started in the right direction! What did you think of these tracks? What’s your favorite BoyWithUke song? Thankfully, we’re BeesWithSocials, so let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


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