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The Stranger Things 4 Soundtrack Has Been Unleashed From The Upside Down!

The Stranger Things 4 Soundtrack Has Been Unleashed From The Upside Down!

The incredible Stranger Things has been given praise and recognition for its soundtracks since the first season in 2016 and Season 4 has been no different. If anything, this season has further solidified the show’s intricate usage and bond with music more than ever before. Every song is so intentional and pushes the storyline further. We are so excited for Stranger Things: Soundtrack from the Netflix Series, Season 4 to drop and we’ve had a cheeky little sneak peek.

This is your official warning nerds, there are a few Season 4 Volume 1 spoilers ahead so read with caution! ❤️

To distract ourselves from the potential impending doom we’re feeling ahead of watching the final Volume 2 episodes dropping today, we’ve been thinking about the soundtrack non-stop. We really do live and breathe music at THP. Here are a few of our favorites!

‘Separate Ways (World’s Apart)’ – The Bryce Miller & Alloy Tracks Remix

This was one of our first tastes of the soundtrack to the epic Season 4 soundtrack, so it’s only right that it’s at the top of our list. We were first introduced to the remix through the spine-chilling trailer in April and it’s safe to say it got the excitement brewing for the return of everyone’s favorite sci-fi show. Every season they manage to pick the perfect song to set the tone. Take a look at the trailer and tell us it doesn’t fill you with excitement and dread, we dare you! It’s just so fitting for Stranger Things, they couldn’t have chosen a better musical introduction.

Steve Perry of Journey even liked the remix so much that he created an extended version with Bryce Miller which serves as the final track of the album. How fitting that Journey is the opening and closing of this chapter of the show’s soundtrack. Here’s what Steve Perry had to say (he’s just as much of a Stranger Things stan as we are!)

I had an idea for an extended version, so I called Bryce and we assembled our Extended Remix. Being a huge fan of the show, having my music on the soundtrack made me very happy! I truly love both these remixed versions as much as I do the original recording from the Journey Frontiers record.

Steve Perry on ‘The Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)’ Remixes

‘Running Up That Hill’ – Kate Bush

Now there have been some iconic musical scenes in recent television history but we think this is one of the best. You should’ve seen the THP group chat after we’d all finished Volume 1 because we just could not stop talking about this scene. We love Max Mayfield and the emotional turmoil and pain this scene caused us is not something we will forget easily. Full body shivers and screaming at our screens, there were tears. We’re fully in the “Sadie Sink for an EMMY” team and are rooting for her in Volume 2. The use of the song was so emotive. If you want a reminder of this incredible moment, you can watch the full scene here:

Not only was this scene an incredible achievement for all involved on set, but it was also a huge moment for singer Kate Bush. She has been smashing records as the song has resonated with millions of people around the globe. In the UK alone she has broken the records for: Oldest female artist to reach Number One, the Longest time for a track to reach Number One on the UK’s Official Singles Chart, and the Longest gap between Number Ones. She also owns the masters and is the sole songwriter credited so our girl is making bank (as she should be!) We love that for her and are so glad the world has embraced this hit once again and brought it to a new generation of fans!

‘When It’s Cold I’d Like To Die (featuring Mimi Goese)’ – Moby

We are afraid, very afraid. Seeing as the Duffer Brothers have confirmed a death count for Volume 2, this track is not looking good for us. Any of us. Savor this last moment before you watch Volume 2 because we have a feeling it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster for a lot of us and our fave characters. Pass the tissues please, we think we’re going to need them.

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This is such an emotional song on its own that we can’t even picture what might be going on in the Netflix TV show when this plays. It’s a Moby classic with the haunting vocals of Mimi Goese. The song was previously used in Season 1, Episode 8 when Joyce and Hopper are trying to save Will in the upside down while Hop has flashbacks to the death of his own daughter Sara. We figure this season it’ll tug on our heartstrings just as much.

The complete Stranger Things: Soundtrack from the Netflix Series, Season 4 will be available on CD and cassette on Friday, September 9. You can pre-order or stream the digital edition here! There will be super cool exclusive versions offered by Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. A red color variant will also be available outside the US. So keep your eyes peeled for all of those! The 22-track album is insane. It’s so good.

Which song are you looking forward to the most? We love talking music with you guys and we love Stranger Things. Come and join all the Hawkins chat with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop. We’re also on Instagram and Facebook so be sure to hit us up there as well! Happy Stranger Things day!


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