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Artists You Don’t Have On Your Playlist, But Should

Artists You Don’t Have On Your Playlist, But Should

You probably haven’t heard of these artists, but you’ll wish you had. Your playlist will be complete after adding some of their amazing songs!

If you’re about to make your next monthly playlist and you have a complete lack of new artists, or even if you’re looking for someone new to stan – this is for you. You’ll fall in love with at least one of these artists, we promise. Here are five artists for your playlist that you probably have not heard of, but when you listen to them, you’ll be in instant bliss.


With only two songs, you’ll be desperate for more of this talented artist. Wallice’s upbeat songs will have you dancing in the shower. She is extremely talented and has a completely unique style of music. And for those still thinking about their ex (naughty) or if you’re having a slight breakdown about turning ’23’ – her songs are the ones for you. Thank us later.

Our Top Songs: ‘Punching bag’ and ’23’

Boy Willows

Boy Willows is an LA-based artist, providing you with the experimental alternative indie music you need in your life. His music is otherworldly, and we can guarantee you’ll want to run outside and watch the stars whilst listening to his angelic voice. Recently he collaborated on his track ‘Fila’ with WallowsDylan Minnette, so if you’re a fan of Wallows, you’ll be a fan of Boy Willows. Add his songs to your dreamy playlist right now!

Our Top Songs: ‘Shallow Hot Springs,’ ‘Don’t Bite,’ and ‘I Love It When You Talk’

Lauran Hibberd

If you want to feel like the empowered woman that you are, listen to Lauran Hibberd. Her music will make you want to dance around, not only in the shower, but around the whole house. With her utterly cool outfits and bubbly personality – you will fall in love with her as well as her music. The amazingly written indie rock-style songs will have you obsessed. 

Our Top Songs: ‘Boy Bye,’ ‘Sugardaddy,’ and ‘Shark Week’


Maybe you haven’t heard of Djo, but you’ve probably heard of Joe Keery…If not then definitely Steve Harrington? Yep, he sings. With a similar style of music to Boy Willows, you’ll definitely want to have a dance to his songs or listen to them when you’re feeling zen. There is no in-between. His style is completely unique and dreamy, and you’ll be playing his records on repeat. You’ll never see Steve the same after finding out he is also an extremely talented artist.

Our Top Songs: ‘Chateau,’ Personal Lies,’ and ‘Mutual Future (Repeat)’

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Maya Hawke

There is a running theme here. Yet another Stranger Things actor who is an extremely talented artist. Maya Hawke, also known as Robin on Stranger Things, is an incredible songwriter. Her music will complete your ‘crying in bed’ playlist but will also aid your happiness. With her indie-folk debut album Blush on repeat, you will fall in love with her. Her relaxing voice will have your stomach full of butterflies. She is incredible, trust us.

Our Top Songs: ‘Mirth,’ ‘By Myself,’ and ‘Generous Heart’

After reading this article we’re confident your playlist will be complete. We hope you enjoy and love the artists mentioned as much as we do! Let us know which of these artists are your favorite by commenting bellow or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP.

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