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No Thoughts, Head Empty, Only ‘Airhead’ By Honey Revenge

No Thoughts, Head Empty, Only ‘Airhead’ By Honey Revenge

When we tell you we have been dying to write about Honey Revenge. Like dying. Honey Revenge and The Honey POP both have the word honey in them, meaning that this was meant to bee (haha). It’s like a match made in heaven. Honestly, it was imperative that we write about them at some point, and we’re so thrilled we finally get the chance. Honey Revenge’s new track ‘Airhead’ is finally here, and we’re absolutely in love with it.

Honey Revenge’s songs all have specific lyrics/melodies that just have a way of getting stuck in your head. That is, in fact, a good thing. We’ve only had ‘Airhead’ for a day, but we’ve already listened to it about a million times. Lyrics? Learned em. Count us ready for a tour to scream the words back at the band. Honey Revenge will join both The Home Team and Loveless on tour this year. They’re starting off with The Home Team’s tour that kicks off in March. Grab your tickets ASAP if you haven’t already.

Now, back to ‘Airhead.’ As we said, this track will be stuck in your head. It’s high-energy, those guitar riffs will have you losing your mind and dancing along, and anthemic. In fact, the band themselves call it a “self-sabotage anthem.”

We all make decisions we know are bad for us. This song touches down on my impulsive thinking and actions despite being aware of the outcomes that await. It’s a lighthearted take on self depreciation.

Honey Revenge via press release

We’re taking a “lighthearted take on self-deprecation” and choosing to see it as, “maybe we’re not perfect, but at least we can shake a** while we contemplate that.” ‘Airhead’ is an honest take on inner feelings, set to high-energy melodies that we just can’t get enough of. We can see that theme of lighthearted honesty in a lot of Honey Revenge’s music. Tracks like ‘Are You Impressed’ or ‘Ride,’ for example, stand out as honest inner reflections set to an energetic soundtrack that makes you feel like, “hey, maybe someone else gets it, and maybe it’s gonna be okay.”

That is, in fact, our endorsement for you to listen to more of Honey Revenge’s tracks besides ‘Airhead.’ Not only do you need to be ready for the tour, but you need to be hyped up for their debut album! That’s right, honeybees, Honey Revenge’s debut record, Retrovision, will be yours on June 23rd. You can pre-order it here. It feels so far away, we know, but they already have amazing music out to hold us over until then. In the meantime, make sure to stream ‘Airhead.’

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Thoughts on Honey Revenge? On ‘Airhead?’ Tell us everything. We need to know what you think of our honey buddies. Drop a comment below or drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram because we’re always buzzing about something.

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