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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kelianne Talks ‘Boys,’ TikTok, And More

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kelianne Talks ‘Boys,’ TikTok, And More

We already know that you’re obsessed with Kelianne thanks to your TikTok FYP (if you’re not, where have you been?). But now, your obsession is about to level up thanks to Kelianne releasing her debut single, ‘Boys!’

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She’s opened for Justin Bieber and worked with some of our fave brands, but most impressively of all, ‘Boys’ is setting a high standard for what is to come from Kelianne. The track needs to be on all your Spring playlists right. Now. Here at THP, we were super thrilled to chat to Kelianne about ‘Boys’ and so much more in this exclusive interview!

Choosing your first single is a huge deal! How did you know ‘Boys’ was the right choice to introduce who Kelianne is to the world? What was the inspiration behind ‘Boys?’ 
I feel like ‘Boys’ is just a good pop record. It was a great start to the beginning of my music career. 

‘Boys’ is absolutely going to be on repeat for us, it’s so catchy! What was your thought process around writing it and how you wanted it to sound?
Although I didn’t write ‘Boys,’ the first time I heard it I loved it!

In your words, who is KELIANNE? What inspires you to create new music?
That is a big question! I still feel like I’m figuring myself out. I am changing every day and trying to grow as an individual. I think just my love for music inspires me to create music. I love being creative and making music is another outlet of being creative. 

How did you decide that this would be your unique sound? Was there a specific creative process behind it or did it just feel like the right way to showcase your music?
I spent a long time in the studio figuring out what was best fit for me. I honestly still feel like I’m finding my sound every time I record a new song. As an artist I don’t want to just be one thing, I want my sound to evolve as I evolve. 

For our sake and your fans, we have to ask, is there a full album or EP in the works?
There might be something in the works 😉

Born and raised in a musical family and performing since a young age, was that your inspiration for transitioning from a gymnast to a singer? How did your family react to your decision? 
I’ve always dreamed of making music. I have a lot of different aspirations and endeavors that I want to accomplish in my life and I feel like I can. My family has always been supportive of my dreams and have always encouraged me to sing! They were so excited when I told them I was releasing music.

Image Source: Joyce Charat

With your father and older brother being in multiple bands, was there any advice they gave you that you found helpful when recording your own music?
I show my dad my songs and I love to hear his opinion because he might hear something I don’t in the song!

Who are your biggest musical influences you grew up listening to?
I love Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, and I loved listening to John Mayer

Between music, dancing, acting, and gymnastics, you’re talented in a number of different areas. Is it hard for you to balance all your projects at once? How do you do it?
If I said no, I think that would be crazy lol. Yes, it’s definitely hard to juggle everything but I love doing it all so that’s what pushes me.

What was one of the hardest skills you’ve had to learn between all of your amazing talents?
This has nothing to do with skill, but learning how to say no without explaining why. 

Image Source: Joyce Charat

You have a massive following on TikTok and we can see why! How have you found using this platform has helped you to share your music and interact with your fans?
Music is such a big thing on TikTok, it’s made some of the biggest hits in the past couple years. TikTok is a huge part of my music and I hope my fans are ready!

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You are always encouraging your fans through your content and even yourself by writing encouragements on post-it notes and sticking them to your mirror. If you could stick one post-it note to your fans’ mirrors, what would it say?
Stop comparing yourself to the people you follow behind the screen. 

You’ve talked about saying “New Year, Better Me” instead of “New Year, New Me” to aspire to become a better version of your current self. What is one goal you have for the new year to become that better version?
I want to better myself in the way that I communicate to other people, to be kinder and more encouraging.

We’re so grateful to Kelianne for taking the time to chat with us in this exclusive interview!

What do you think of ‘Boys?’ Anything you’re desperate to see from Kelianne in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPop or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

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