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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ben Dolic Is Bringing Us What We Are Missing!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ben Dolic Is Bringing Us What We Are Missing!

Dear readers, we have been very thankful for the daily support! That’s why we are bringing you an exclusive from one of the most talented rising stars on this planet. We had the chance to get into small talk with the wonderful Ben Dolic, and we got you some amazing news!

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Born in Slovenia, Ben Dolic has brought joy to the world! With his super awesome skills for songwriting and singing, he has let us find beauty in darkness and find “good vibes” to feel better. The upcoming pop star has brought a new vision of how the genre can sound and has a special place for us with his unique talent.

Ben Dolic Is Bringing Us A New Sound

How did you find out that music was your passion and something you wanted to pursue seriously?
I watched a lot of MTV growing up and saw artists like Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Usher performing. It inspired me a lot! So I began taking part in school performances and instantly fell in love with being on stage. I’ve wanted to pursue music for as long as I can remember and can’t imagine ever doing anything else.

How would you define your sound? If you had to use one line of your lyrics to describe your music, what would it be?
I like to describe my music as good vibes you can cry to. The production is bright and upbeat but lyrically can be quite deep, so it’s an interesting combination. It’s honest, fun, and relatable with influences from many different genres as I listen to a lot of R&B and Rap. I don’t have many songs out right now. But I’d say “I wanna feel something that I never feel” from my latest single, ‘Kissing Her, Missing You’ would be the most accurate way to describe my music right now.

Listen to ‘Kissing Her, Missing You’ HERE!

Loving Ben Dolic, Loving His Music!

Is there any routine or ritual you follow to create songs or get inspired? Where do you mostly get the inspiration?
I don’t really follow a routine when it comes to songwriting, but I often freestyle over beats to come up with new melodies and harmonies. Usually, the lyrics are the last piece of the puzzle when I’m creating a song. I get my inspiration from everyday life, past experiences, my friends, and even my fans. I try not to put myself in a box and listen to lots of different genres and artists, which also has an influence on my sound.

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Do you have any musical influences? Who would be a dream collaboration for you?
My biggest influences are Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, and Mac Miller. I love to be hands-on with as many aspects of my releases as possible. From the writing to production, to directing the music videos, and feel that my influences did the same. There are so many artists I’d love to work with, especially female artists like Billie Eilish and Doja Cat. I’d love to be in a room with them and see how they write music and understand their thought processes when creating a song. I believe it would not only be an amazing experience but also a huge learning opportunity to help perfect my craft.

A Non-Stop Bop!

You have released your song ‘Kissing Her, Missing You,’ congratulations! What was the path like to creating this song?
Thanks so much! ‘Kissing Her, Missing You’ was created in my first ever session with Gethin Williams, an amazing writer, and producer, who I’ve been working with a lot lately. The song used to sound completely different, but after some time we revisited and rewrote parts during a Zoom session on the release weekend for my previous single, ‘Stuck in My Mind’. I was actually in a hotel room in my underwear for the majority and recorded the vocals under a blanket in my bedroom during the lockdown. It was a long process and I’m so so happy with the end result.

We Are Addicted To Ben Dolic!

Is there any special lyric of the song that you always have in your mind or/and that has a special meaning for you?
‘Kissing Her, Missing You’ was derived from a personal experience about moving countries and leaving everything behind, including a long-term girlfriend, so the entire song is quite special to me. There’s a part in the second verse that says “I wanna waste all my energy, getting a taste of the enemy” which plays on my mind often. It made me realize that sometimes I don’t help myself and overthink to the point where I can end up in toxic situations. I’m now trying to navigate life around that as I grow up with this new perspective.

You have also released a music video next to the single. Can you share with us any of your favorite memories from recording those visuals?
The music video shoot was so much fun, despite being filmed on the hottest day of the year. I had to wear a jacket and started to get sunburnt by the end of the day and if you look closely, there are a few shots where you can see me looking like a tomato. The whole day was filled with great memories, but my favorite part was definitely filming with the band. We ended up plugging all of the instruments in and playing live and even had a jam session. It had been so long since I’d been on stage and although there were only a handful of people inside to assist with the shoot, we stayed a little longer and had a mini-concert.

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Let´s Hear It From The Best!

Your song talks about that feeling of missing someone while being with someone else. What advice would you give to someone that is going through this same situation? Is there anything you would have liked to hear when you were going through something like this?
I feel like I’m one of the worst people you can ask about this, as I clearly didn’t do a great job in moving on! Everybody processes their emotions differently. And the most important thing to do is to trust yourself, and your emotions and spend some time with yourself, instead of rushing to move on. I wish somebody had told me that these feelings were normal. And that it’s human to feel this way, but back then I had a hard time opening up about my feelings. It’s been sometime now and I’ve processed everything and I’ve moved on, but I still wouldn’t change a thing. To those going through a similar situation, I’d suggest putting the love you gave out to the person you’re missing back into yourself. It may not feel like it right now, but you will be okay in the end.

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It Is Just The Start For This SuperNova!

We have seen that TikTok has been a big platform for your music. How would you describe the way this app has impacted your music and career?
TikTok is such a great way to connect with new people from all over the world. And I often go live on the platform to speak directly with my followers. In the beginning, I was reluctant to use the app as it was something that was new to me, but now I wish I started earlier. I feel like TikTok is the best place to promote your music and it’s the best place for potential listeners to discover me and my sound. Coming from Slovenia, there were so few opportunities to make it in the music industry and TikTok has broadened the horizons for independent artists like me.

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The Best Is Yet To Come!

What can you tell us about any upcoming projects? Are there any details you can share with us?
I can’t say much right now, but I’m already preparing to release my next track, which is also co-written and produced by Gethin Williams. I’m planning on dropping a lot more singles this year and hope to headline my own shows by the end of 2022. I’m so excited for the future and really grateful for the amazing experiences I’ve been a part of so far, there’s so much more to come and I can’t wait to show the world what I’ve been working on!

Image Source: Stephen Nthusi

Ben Dolic is ready to take over the musical world! And we can’t wait to see what he is preparing for us! What are you waiting for go listen and stan this amazing singer! Ben Dolic is just starting to take over the world and we can’t wait to see him shine! What are your thoughts on his latest singles?

Tell us everything in the comments! And also don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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