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It’s ‘About Damn Time’ For Lizzo To Get The Recognition She Deserves

It’s ‘About Damn Time’ For Lizzo To Get The Recognition She Deserves

All eyes are on Lizzo in the flashy music video for her groovy new single, ‘About Damn Time,’ and we can’t blame them! She turns a support group into a disco party and shakes off the stresses of a mid-pandemic world, making it an anthem everyone needs right now. She’s simply electrifying on this track and it makes us feel like all our worries are gonna float away!

From a sweatsuit groutfit to a shimmery blue bodysuit, and from moonwalking away from a janitor to flying back on his broom, this music video shows off everything Lizzo has to offer. How many times have you gone out in a cozy sweatsuit instead of getting all dressed up?? The fashion sense and discomfort in the beginning are so relatable. Heck, the whole premise of the video kicks off when she runs out of the room instead of giving a speech in front of everyone. That’s an entire mood!

One scene even lets Lizzo whip out her signature flute in the middle of a pool party, giving the song an unforgettable bridge that really stands out from the electronic and trap-influenced pop tracks that are dominating right now. It must be a pretty important occasion for her to bless us with a flute solo… dare we say, a pretty special one?

Yup, it might just be the most special time of the year for Lizzbians, because Lizzo is dropping an entire album this summer! It’s called SPECIAL and it’ll grace our ears on July 15th. Normally, we’d be a ‘Crybaby’ and say the wait would be brutal, but being able to jam out to ‘About Damn Time’ until then will make it a little more bearable. So don’t mind us while we’re streaming ‘About Damn Time’ and staring at this gorgeous cover art nonstop for the next few months!

From the sequin headpiece to her glimmering makeup and natural beauty, Lizzo is shining on this cover. We love that her album art is usually pretty simplistic and versatile, so you never know exactly what you’re gonna get when you start listening. With the way she’s looking into the distance, she could be feeling anything from sadness and fear to hope for an incredible future.

Image Source: Nice Life Recording Company/Atlantic Records

No matter what the SPECIAL era brings us, we know Lizzo is gonna make it a magical project full of emotion, excitement, and confidence! You can find ‘About Damn Time’ on all your favorite streaming platforms now (yes, now, go do it!) and pre-save/add/order SPECIAL right here

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On a totally unrelated note, does someone wanna lend us a few hundred bucks? It’s not so we can buy every single CD, vinyl, cassette, and box set on her website or anything… Okay, maybe it is! But when Lizzo is bringing her A-game like this, can you blame us?

If you want to scream and cry with us about Lizzo, drop a comment below or hit us up on Twitter! And be sure to keep up with us here so you’ll have all the updates about Lizzo’s upcoming album and new releases!


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