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Lemonade Baby Brings Heartbreak To The Digital Era With ‘i blocked ur account’

Lemonade Baby Brings Heartbreak To The Digital Era With ‘i blocked ur account’

Lemonade Baby always gives such a fresh perspective to universal feelings and experiences, and the perfect example of that is his latest single, ‘i blocked ur account.’ It was inspired by a conversation he overheard in public that really made him think about how technology has helped build and break connections. Even though blocking someone is often (unfairly) viewed as petty or stubborn, LB celebrates it as a move toward freedom and a new life! We can totally get behind that.

I overheard a conversation between two girls about how they were cutting a toxic relationship out of their life and how they needed to ‘block’ their social media accounts. To me, it’s such a bizarre thing that we have the power to remove people from our lives via the internet. Obviously, the girls had very valid reasons to distance themselves from the person but it’s still pretty wild to overhear a conversation like that irl…so I wrote a song about it, giving a big applause to everyone who’s cutting them toxicsssss out!

Lemonade Baby

From the start of the track, LB is confidently unapologetic about cutting toxic people out of his own life, admitting he had “no questions and no doubts” when the time came. That’s exactly how you have to approach boxing people out. Whether it’s blocking them on socials, deleting their contact from your phone, or just avoiding them in person, you deserve to feel right in your decision no matter how much part of you might be tempted to reach out to them again.

But as important as these messages are, we love that Lemonade Baby tackles them with a playful flair throughout most of the song. For example, one of our favorite lyrics on the track is “I’m not feeling bad for swiping you away, for swiping all my pain away.” While it can be taken literally as pushing negativity away, it’s also a cheeky reference to how you can swipe in different directions on a dating app to show whether you’re interested in someone. LB’s not interested in this toxic person anymore so he’d swipe left, and we’re proud of him for it! 

So if there’s someone in your life who’s done nothing but bog you down, take this as your sign to do something about it. Talk to them a little less, unfollow them, whatever you need to feel freer! And, of course, you should stream ‘i blocked ur account’ while you do it.

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