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We Wanna Play Dress-Up With Charli XCX After Watching The ‘Used To Know Me’ Music Video

We Wanna Play Dress-Up With Charli XCX After Watching The ‘Used To Know Me’ Music Video

After a breakup, a lot of people turn to fashion and beauty as a way to redefine themselves and break free of who they were during the relationship. See Taylor Swift’s “I dress to kill my time” on ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts,’ as well as Lizzo’s “if he don’t love you anymore, walk your fine ass out the door and do your hair toss” on ‘Good As Hell.’ But Charli XCX takes it to the next level in the flashy video for her party banger ‘Used To Know Me!’ 

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We already loved Charli’s unique style, but watching ‘Used To Know Me’ made us more desperate than ever to raid her closet. It starts off with Charli and her dancers in cozy white loungewear, before Charli takes a bath and indulges in some self-care in the ultimate illustration of the “I’ll say I’m finally pure” lyric from the pre-chorus. Once she’s out, she channels her inner bad b*tch energy with a little dress-up!

Anyone else get the urge to go shopping after watching that clip? We have some serious style envy right now, and we wanted to share our favorite looks from the video! So whether you wanna recreate it with pieces from your own wardrobe or just want some inspiration from our confident queen, look no further.

Leather, We’ll ‘Beg For You’

This outfit really embodies the badass energy we feel when we listen to tracks like ‘Used To Know Me’ and ‘Vroom Vroom!’ The makeup and hair offer the perfect finishing touches for this sleek look, and we love how the cut crease eye makeup complements the cutouts in the bodysuit.


so yeah we shot the vid this long ago.. UTKM THIS FRIDAY!!

♬ Unka Jahms on Spotify x Call Her Daddy podcast – Spotify

Let Them Eat ‘Fancy’ Cake

Charli looked simply regal in this Marie Antoinette-inspired look! Of course, we already knew she was a queen of the music industry, but this just offers some more proof. This outfit deserves royal status, from the lace and bow details to the flower accents in her wig. And that’s not even mentioning the adorable “XCX” choker.

Three Cheers For Charli

C-H-A-R-L-I! What does that spell? Fashionista! We can’t get over the fun Y2K vibes from this cheerleader costume, complete with a low-rise skirt and rhinestone belly chain. If you told us she was a background character in Mean Girls with this outfit, we wouldn’t question it. 

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♬ Used To Know Me – Charli XCX

Brighter Than ‘Lightning’

We’re still not over this playful glow-in-the-dark look! The puffy sleeves offer such a cool contrast from the fitted crop top, and the coordination between the green nails and eyeliner is such a fun detail. It’s serving laser tag vibes, and we’ll never complain about that. Charli, we’re waiting for our invite!

Image Source: Terrence O’Connor via i-D

Which of these looks was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Charli XCX content to check out while you’re streaming ‘Used To Know Me,’ click here


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