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We’ve had morgxn on repeat since we first discovered the star, and we don’t think he’ll ever leave our playlists.

A singer that inspired and collabed with some of your faves, such as Billie Eilish, and Jagwar Twins, morgxn since his first release, is quickly climbing the ranks. He’s been releasing music since 2016 and continues to get better and better with each release, making us excited to see what the future holds for the singer!

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morgxn, mid-February released MERIDIAN, which contains a lot of his previous works, some of his faves, some of our faves, along with some new epic tracks. We talked with the star about his new EP, how he chose the tracks, his inpo’s, and what the future holds for morgxn.

It’s nice that we got to hear some of your past EP tracks in MERIDIAN, if you can tell us, what tracks didn’t make the final cut?
The journey of MERIDIAN is now complete with the release of the extended edition. I had held ‘IF I KNEW YOU IN A PAST LIFE’ since before volume 1. It all started with ‘WONDER’ taking off on its own and I sort of let it pivot and become its own journey. volume 1. sara bareilles. volume 2. and now I get to wrap it one project. It helps me to put a marker on it so that I can move on too. It celebrates the journey and also signals the end of one and the beginning of another.

On MERIDIAN you put two of ‘WONDER’s’ reimagines, one by Jagwar Twins and one by Little Kruta. How did you know which ones to choose? Also If you can imagine a setting for each, where would the songs take place?
I chose those versions because they represent the range of friends that became a part of that song. They were also not stand-alone singles before so I wanted to wrap them into one body. I would love to do the Jagwar version in the desert. And the Little Kruta version at the Hollywood Bowl 

If you could have any artist, dead or alive, reimagine ‘WONDER’ who would you want to see jump on the track?
Stevie Wonder

Which track off the album did you have the best experience while creating?
oof. they all created me. and I just showed up in spite of myself. I really can’t choose. I’m really loving playing ‘DONT THINK ABOUT IT’ on tour so I’m going to say that one today. 

We think our favorite lyrics of the album are from ‘HOW DO YOU HOLD WHAT HURTS’ “My head’s so overcrowded / Your silence fills it too.” What are your favorite lyrics from the album?
“You can feel broken and still be ok”

For you, how long does it take to come up with lyrics for songs that are very emotional? Do you find your muse from personal matters or media?
Very much the personal nature of my life.

On Twitter, you posted that MERIDIAN reached 17.8 Million all-time streams on Spotify, what was your initial reaction when seeing that big of a number?
I hate and love that I have real-time access to streams and counts. I keep my nose to the ground and keep working. but it’s hard not to look at that actual number and be like – I did this with no label and through the interaction of the internet during a global pandemic. It’s humbling and exciting and inspiring. And I’m just continuing to believe in what is possible.

From any tracks you’ve released which are you most surprised to see get the most streams, and which ones do you think deserve more attention?
oof. I’m surprised ‘HOW DO YOU HOLD WHAT HURTS’ got so much love when it was the most bare song on the album. Just piano and vocal. I wish ‘MOOD SWING’ got more love because it’s the most fun to play with the band. 

If you were to create a visual album, which tracks from MERIDIAN would you want to be featured on it?
There is a journey inside of MERIDIAN. ‘LOSING MYSELF,’ ‘MOOD SWING,’ ‘REFRAME,’ ‘DON’T THINK ABOUT IT,’ ‘BURDEN,’ ‘THE WAY IT WAS’ – That’s probably how I’d frame it.

Since Billie Eilish said your track ‘home’ amongst others, gave her inspiration for ‘bad guy.’ What tracks gave you inspiration when putting together MERIDIAN?
I think I was really inspired by a combination of creatures but not really referencing one or the other. I was more invested in the lyrics and melody on this project. I sort of let the song tell me what it wanted to sound like vs the other way around

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From the beginning of your career to the point you are at now, what has been your most memorable experience?
Today is my most memorable

What do you see in the future for morgxn?
Renaissance & rebirth & ….

Any last words you want to share with your listeners?
Thank you for listening and for giving these songs a home in your life

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What did you think of MERIDIAN? What was your fave track off of the EP? Did you love our interview with morgxn? Let us know what tracks you’re streaming alongside this iconic collab, in the comments down below, on our Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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