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5 Songs By Jagwar Twin That Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By Jagwar Twin That Your Playlist Needs

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Jagwar Twin doesn’t have a single bad song; that’s not just our opinion, that’s a fact. So, we figured we’d gather some of our favorites in one place so that we can help you stan him as much as we do. It took everything in us not to list Jagwar Twins‘ entire discography. But, more importantly, we whittled it down to five essential songs, and we think this selection shows the versatility in his sound exceptionally well.


This song feels like we can reclaim everything negative that has happened to us. We’re sure we have all been called a ‘Loser’ at some point in our life. However, ‘Loser’ allows us to take that and make it a good thing. Maybe we are losers but, that’s what makes us all unique. It’s the upbeat, head-bopping anthem we all need. You can be in any mood, and this song suits it, some might say it’s cathartic. For us, it instantly makes us feel good. The little harmonies all through it give the song a different dimension, making it sound, unlike any other song we’ve heard before. Even the music video is iconic, it shows a lot of hidden messages with deeper meanings, so it’s something you’ll have to watch a few times. Jagwar Twin has multiple versions of this song, so you’ll be able to find out what suits you. The directors cut and live from the studio versions are just as good as the studio version.

Favorite lyric: “I got sunshine in my mind, wake up and I’m feeling fine”

‘Down To You’

If there’s any song to make you feel powerful, it is ‘Down To You.’ Jagwar Twin has always been open about how we are responsible for our actions and that if we are passionate about something, we should pursue it. This song captures that message really well. Chasing your dreams, being a good person, telling your truth, it all comes down to you. We all need songs like this in our playlists because not a lot of artists write self-empowering songs. Do you ever get a random burst of motivation at three am to sort your life out? This song will encourage you to do that, and we could all do with that kind of support. He even had a whole interactive journey with this song, which you can check out here.

Favorite lyric: “‘Cause nothing ever changes, ’til you change it when you be it”


‘Shine’ was one of few songs that kept us sane throughout the lockdowns. Jagwar Twin even called his fandom to help him create a music video for it, which is adorable. This is such a feel-good song if you ever need a pick me up, this is the one. It will never fail to put a smile on your face. Even when you have bad days, this will make it better. With some very simple but powerful messages in it, it can really help start the day on the right foot. Furthermore, maybe it can even help us change the world for the better. It’s essentially a song that makes us feel unstoppable, if we can dream it, we can do it.

Favorite lyric: “So let’s change the world, we can start today, know that everything is gonna be okay”

‘I Like To Party’

A banger, there is no other way to describe this song. With a borderline creepy sound, the beat is immensely catchy therefore, it will get stuck in your head. But with a song this good, it’s never a bad thing. We promise this song will have you dancing, even if it’s just a little jig with your headphones on. Plus, who doesn’t like songs about cake? ‘I Like To Party’ uses a wide range of instruments that aren’t always prominent in songs or even used in some. His songs always have multiple meanings, yes, we do like to party, but… what else is hidden in this song? In conclusion, this can only mean that ‘I Like To Party’ is one of Jagwar Twins’ best songs. 

Favorite lyric: “Bake a truth with a lie, then we sell them the cake”
Honorable mention: “All I wanna do is zoomy zoomy, zoom zoom”

‘Move To You’

One of the few slow Jagwar Twin songs, ‘Move To You,’ will always have a place in our hearts. It feels magical like you’d be floating in space listening to it, or maybe just stargazing. In short, outer space is involved. If love could be put into words, it would be this. The way he describes what love feels like has us all melting entirely. The song really showcases Jagwar Twins’ versatility in his sound, the range he can cover is truly beautiful, and this is an eternal reminder of that. It almost feels timeless the more you listen to it, the more beautiful it gets, and the more it can resonate with everyone, romantically or not. It ages like fine wine. 

Favorite lyric: “Love’s a question not an answer from above”

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