HUNNY Gets Spooky In Chicago

HUNNY Gets Spooky In Chicago

HUNNY gets spooky and puts on a show in Chicago, IL!

HUNNY, from Newbury, California, is currently on tour for the first time since the pandemic. And, you could tell that they were ready to get out and play some shows! HUNNY’s energy was immediately felt, and the fans responded by yelling lyrics back, moshing, and even crowd surfing!

Many members of the audience were dressed for the occasion, even members from HUNNY threw on some spooky attire for the show. Let us know what kind of spooky costumes you saw in the photos!

Chicago’s Subterranean also had performances by rising stars, Small Crush and Michi rocking the house in support of HUNNY.

Join in on the fun and listen to HUNNY right now if you haven’t already. And, when you become an instant fan, make sure to catch them while they’re still on the road! They will be back on the west coast touring again in early 2022 so peep their dates for that here!

While you’re at it, we’re going to help you prepare for their show. Here’s their setlist!

  • ‘Shy’
  • ‘Halloween’
  • ‘La Belle Femme’
  • ‘A Slow Death In Pacific Standard Time’
  • ‘Saturday Night’
  • ‘Change Ur Mind’
  • ‘Gliding the Lily’
  • ‘Rebel Red’
  • ‘July’
  • ‘Cry For Me’
  • ‘Xbox Luvr’
  • ‘Vowels’
  • ‘Everything Means Everything To Me’
  • ‘Parking Lot’
  • ‘Sports With Strangers’
  • ‘Lula, I’m Not Mad’
  • ‘Televised’

What spooky costume would you wear to a Halloween HUNNY show? And, are you going to see HUNNY on the west coast? What’s your favorite HUNNY song? But, let us know @thehoneypop, Facebook, and Instagram!

Click here for more HUNNY!


Featured Image and Gallery Source: Michael Yebra for The Honey POP

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