Turnover Shows Are All Treats And No Tricks!

Turnover Shows Are All Treats And No Tricks!

Turnover shows are all treats and no tricks! That’s it, Turnover are still incredible live! Thank you for reading, see you next time!

Sike! We have a lot more to say about the treats!

Turnover headlined a spooky show at Chicago’s Thalia Hall on All Hollows Eve and if you were too spooked to go, don’t worry! Because we got you covered!

Turnover, a rock band from Virginia Beach, Virginia, is on tour for the first time since early 2020. And, are currently on a month-long tour with support from Widowspeak and Temple of Angels. After acknowledging how crazy the past year and a half has been, Turnover frontman, Austin Getz said they were happy to be playing again.

Now, this wasn’t just any Turnover show, this was a Halloween Turnover show! Not only did every performing band dress for the occasion but there were also lots of spooky participants in the audience! It’s always a fun show when both the crowd and bands get festive and have fun with holiday shows!

We know that you were waiting for it, so here are your treats! (Turnover’s setlist!)

  • ‘Humming’
  • ‘Super Natural’
  • ‘Cutting My Fingers Off’
  • ‘Like Slow Disappearing’
  • ‘Much After Feeling’
  • ‘Sunshine Type’
  • ‘Humblest Pleasures’
  • ‘Pure Devotion’
  • ‘New Scream’
  • ‘Plant Sugar’
  • ‘Diazepam’
  • ‘Dizzy on the Comedown’
  • ‘Take My Head’

We love us some Turnover! Have you gotten the chance to see them live? Where have you seen them? What’s your favorite song/album? Let us know! @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram!

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Featured Image and Gallery Source: Michael Yebra for The Honey POP

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