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New Music Weekly: Katy Perry and More!

New Music Weekly: Katy Perry and More!

It’s that time of the week again! We are here to give you the breakdown of the best new music in our New Music Weekly article! We’ve got Christmas music galore, covers from Katy Perry, and some of the brightest new talent around!

Vance Joy – ‘Fairytale of New York’

Stream ‘Fairytale of New York’ here!

What is the only way in the world to make The Pogues’ Christmas song even better? Vance Joy’s incredibly beautiful voice singing it! This week’s New Music Weekly features a nice dose of Christmas music, so we’re starting strong!

Faouzia – ‘Puppet’

Stream ‘Puppet’ here!

If we’re talking music with a message, ‘Puppet’ by Faouzia is sure to be in that conversation. ‘Puppet’ is all about coming into your own and taking charge. Faouzia has put out the empowering track we all need!

Lily Konigsberg – Lily We Need To Talk

Stream Lily We Need To Talk here!

FADER described Lily Konigsberg as “unconventional pop perfection” and they couldn’t be more right. It’s already such a huge deal to put out your debut album, it is an even bigger deal for your debut album to be as good as Lily We Need To Talk Now is. ‘Proud Homehas to be our crown jewel on this record.

ABBA – ‘Just A Notion’

Stream ‘Just A Notion’ here!

Like the rest of the world, we’re obsessed with ABBA! Can you blame us? All these years later and they’re still putting out music that we will be playing on a constant loop. If you’re as excited about new ABBA music as we are, you’ll be pumped to know they have a new album, Voyage, coming out!

Jamie Cullum – ‘Christmas Don’t Let Me Down’
Image Source: Island Records

Stream ‘Christmas Don’t Let Me Down’ here!

More Christmas music?! Yes, please! Jamie Cullum is here with a single from his upcoming album The Pianoman At Christmas, ‘Christmas Don’t Let Me Down.The album will feature 11(!!) covers of classics we know and love and two original tracks including this newest single!

Dreamer Boy – ‘ARE YOU LETTING GO?’

Stream ‘ARE YOU LETTING GO?’ here!

Wow, what a collaboration! We never would have thought to pair up these two genius artists, but it actually makes perfect sense! Both artists are so unique and bring the best of themselves to ‘ARE YOU LETTING GO?.’ If you catch us listening to this track on a constant loop, no you didn’t.

Misty Eyed – Samsara

Stream Samsara here!

Do you know what our New Music Weekly is missing? If you guessed hard rock, you’re right! But not to worry! Misty Eyed is here to bless us with their newest EP, Samsara. If you’re looking for the perfect introduction to the genre, this is the EP for you, you’ll be hooked. ‘Piece by Piece’ is our favorite track.

Meduza Ft. Hozier – ‘Tell It To My Heart’

Stream ‘Tell It To My Heart’ here!

We would have never imagined the worlds of MEDUZA and Hozier meshing, yet, ‘Tell It To My Heart’ is a perfect collaboration. We could have gone for an entire record of collaborations between these artists.

BENEE – ‘Doesn’t Matter’

Stream ‘Doesn’t Matter’ here!

2022 is the year of BENEE, mark our words. ‘Doesn’t Matter’ is just a taste of what we can expect from this incredible artist. The track shows how vulnerable she can be with her audience, and it’s sure to draw you in upon first listen, we know it did with us.

Luke Wild – Shoebox

Stream Shoebox here!

You guys know how much we love a good EP here on New Music Weekly, and Luke Wild is delivering with Shoebox. While we love the entire EP, we haven’t been able to get enough of ‘PIE.’ The track is so much fun and such a blend of genres, Luke Wild is next level!

Elvis Costello – ‘Magnificent Hurt’

Stream ‘Magnificent Hurt’ here!

‘Magnificent Hurt’ stays true to its name and is indeed magnificent. We simply can’t wait to see what magic is created on The Boy Named If. It amazes us the talent that exists within Elvis Costello.

Katy Perry – ‘All You Need Is Love’

Stream ‘All You Need Is Love’ here!

We all know The Beatles are one of the greatest bands, if not the greatest band of all time. All of their songs are timeless, and Katy Perry was able to breathe life into one of their best so beautifully. Katy’s version of ‘All You Need Is Love’ is all the proof needed that her voice is in a class of its own.



At this point, Nat King Cole is synonymous with Christmas. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. Every track on this reimagined record puts us further into the Christmas spirit. Especially ‘The Christmas Song’ which features the earth angel that is John Legend.

Amelia Moore – ‘sweet and sour’

Stream ‘sweet and sour’ here!

If Amelia Moore isn’t on your radar, now is the time to jump on board! After listening to ‘sweet and sour’ we do not doubt that she’s about to blow up. She’s making ‘pop’ music that you really can’t box into that one genre, which is a sign of a truly unique artist.

Amber Van Day – ‘Uh Oh’

Stream ‘Uh Oh’ here!

‘Uh Oh’ might just be our favorite track on this week’s New Music Weekly. The track is giving vocals, it’s giving the beat, and making us want to dance. What more could we ask for? ‘Uh Oh’ is about to be the song you get ready to before going out, it will pump you up!

ayokay – ‘All Mine’

Stream ‘All Mine’ here!

We have been super fans of ayokay since day one, so it’s no surprise how much we love ‘All Mine.’ ayokay is genuinely one of those artists you just don’t come across very often, the perfect mix of bedroom pop and indie music that you just want to vibe to.

JORDY – ‘South Dakota’

Stream ‘South Dakota’ here!

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JORDY is releasing ‘South Dakota’ as the last single from his album Mind Games, and when we say we’re beyond stoked, we mean it! ‘South Dakota’ is the perfect track for fall, so get a pumpkin spice latte, take a morning walk and listen to this track on repeat.

Maggie Lindemann – ‘She Knows It’

Stream ‘She Knows It’ here!

Has Maggie Lindemann ever steered us wrong? The answer is no! Every song she’s released has been a complete smash. And on this week’s New Music Weekly we’re bringing you her latest work, ‘She Knows It.’ As if we couldn’t think she was more of a kicka** artist, this song takes that to new heights.

Carlie Hanson – ‘Snot’

Stream ‘Snot’ here!

Carlie Hanson is one of those rare, once-in-a-generation artists that just leave it all in the music. If you listen to her music you’ll get a real sense of who she is, it’s a beautiful thing. And we have to say, this music video is next level!

Amy Allen – ‘End of A Dark Age’

Stream ‘End of a Dark Age’ here! 

Did Amy Allen just become our new favorite artist? We think so! ‘End of a Dark Age’ is the second single from the upcoming EP AWW! which we will get to jam out to on November 5th! We know you all are going to fall in love with this track, and with Amy Allen!

Christian Leave – Days Like Lost Dogs

Stream Days Like Lost Dogs here!

On this week’s New Music Weekly we have an entire EP from Christian Leave! How did we get so lucky?! Front to back, much like everything Christian does, is a masterclass on what it means to be an artist. Our favorite track has to be the title track.

Maude Latour – Strangers Forever

Stream Strangers Forever here!

We’ve had ‘Strangers Forever’ on repeat since the moment it was available to stream. We are 100% sure this will be in our top songs on any year-end lists, it’s just that good. Maude Latour is around for the long haul, trust us.

Bryce Vine – ‘The Holiday’

Stream ‘The Holiday’ here!

Did you ever think you needed a holiday song from Bryce Vine? Neither did we! But we’re here to break the news that ‘The Holiday’ is exactly what you needed to get you into the spirit. Now we’re ready for Christmas lights and hot cocoa.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song on this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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