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RAYE And Hans Zimmer Give Earth A New Beauty With ‘Mother Nature’

RAYE And Hans Zimmer Give Earth A New Beauty With ‘Mother Nature’

Three renowned figures, global pop star RAYE, the legendary Hans Zimmer, and the beloved Sir David Attenborough, joined forces, and we’re absolutely hooked. Thanks to the BBC studios, we’ve been graced with the gift of ‘Mother Nature.’ A song for Sir David Attenborough’s eagerly awaited series Planet Earth III.

The track made its debut on Greg James’s BBC Radio 1 breakfast show, paired with the trailer for the highly anticipated series. And the song boasts RAYE’s beautifully crafted lyrics that truly capture the beauty of our planet, fitting perfectly with the series’ theme. And, having collaborated with Hans Zimmer, it holds to a whole new level of truly cinematic music.

David Attenborough and Hans Zimmer are my heroes. Composing a song with Hans is beyond my wildest dreams, and when Sir David narrates alongside my voice, it’s truly moving.


When pop artists and celebrated musicians collide, the outcome is a breathtaking genre that stands the test of time. If you adore ‘Mother Nature’ as much as we did, you’ll definitely fall in love with RAYE and Hans Zimmer’s other songs and scores.

The Interstellar Soundtrack By Hans Zimmer

When we think of iconic, timeless, and memorable soundtracks that give anyone goosebumps, Interstellar is the immediate standout. This score is instantly recognizable and truly transports you to the cinematic realm. It seamlessly blends traditional orchestral arrangements with a modern and electronic twist that perfectly syncs with the mood of the film. It’s a must-listen for anyone who loves cinematic music.

‘Oscar Winning Tears’ By RAYE

Where Hans Zimmer uses instruments to convey a story, RAYE brings the lyrics, which never fail to amaze. There’s something so gripping about the song ‘Oscar Winning Tears’ by RAYE that we absolutely cherish. Maybe it’s her potent vocals, unique sound, or the classic instruments combined. From the start of the song, where RAYE asks listeners to disconnect and hear her out, to the beautiful harmonies leading up to the final chorus. The emotional depth of RAYE’s music and clear and classic instruments truly make this song timeless.

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Music can be great for escaping reality but can also introduce a less-acknowledged beauty to life. This is exactly what RAYE and Hans Zimmer bring with ‘Mother Nature.’ Plus, this modernized cinematic sound is truly unforgettable.

Will you be tuning into Planet Earth III? How did ‘Mother Nature’ open your eyes to the beauty of our world? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.


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