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Xikers Unlock The Doors To House Of Tricky In Their Captivating Debut.

Xikers Unlock The Doors To House Of Tricky In Their Captivating Debut.

Xikers debut opens the doors of House Of Tricky and we’re here to do a deep dive. Originally entering the scene as KQ Fellaz 2 they were first seen together dancing to ‘Iffy.’ Following, fans were introduced to their sound with the release of their original song ‘Geek’ which was composed and produced by member Minjae. You may be wondering what Xikers means? Don’t worry because we, at The Honey POP! have all the answers. The boys are said to be travelers through space and time which is represented by ‘X’ marking coordinates and ‘hikers’ which refers to a traveler.

Xikers have claimed March 30th as their debut and have already made a massive impact. With an impressive 10 Million view count within the first 24 hours of its release, it’s clear they’ve captured everyone’s attention. The 10 member lineup formed by KQ Entertainment consists of Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Junghoon, Seeun, Yujun, Hunter, and Yechan. The group have already made appearances at KCON Japan in 2022 and KCON Thailand in 2023, as well as supporting their seniors Ateez on their American tour. Let’s break down the 7 track album and convince you why Xikers should be the latest addition to your Stan list.

‘Tricky House.’

Debuts are powerful and it’s important new groups showcase how they can stand uniquely within the industry. And that’s exactly what Xikers have done! From the youthful styling to the supernatural editing, ‘Tricky House’ presents what we can only define as a chaotic celebration. The song itself is packed with catchy hooks and powerful moves that make it impossible not to replay. Particularly, one move caught our eye and had us questioning the laws of gravity. Yep, we’re talking about where their heads are static upside down and their bodies are doing what, at first glance, looks like an entire 360! And, can we discuss the insane rap in the first verse? The amount of words Yechan fits in the short time was practically a whole verse itself and extremely impressive.

Complimenting the fun song is their debut music video. One thing that stood out to us in the video was the equal focus on both the Xikers members and the unknown man. KQ Entertainment is known for their storytelling and the visuals demonstrate how invested the boys are in proving a concept. Moreover, their devotion to their debut theme sets them apart from other debuts as the focus shifts away from aesthetics. Overall, the magic editing and quick movements made the music video come to life. At times it’s easy to feel like you’re the unknown man in the MV yourself.

B-Side Breakdown

‘The Tricky’s Secret.’

The album’s opening sets a haunting tone with the introduction of a mysterious woman warning us of an entity that exists within humanity, capable of the world’s destruction. The masterful storytelling had us hooked from the very beginning. The constant battle between good and evil adds to the depth of the story, leaving us curious about the potential themes that may be explored in Xikers’ later eras. It’s safe to say we’re ready to enter the world of House Of Tricky.

‘Doorbell Ringing.’

After listening to ‘Doorbell Ringing,’ we finally understand the meaning behind House Of Tricky. This song is a musical masterpiece that tricks us with its multitude of beat changes. This creates a really interesting song and showcases the versatility of Xikers. It feels like a declaration of their entrance into the music industry and the mystical world they’ll bring with them. We couldn’t help but wonder if Xikers are here to tackle the evil forces previously mentioned, or if they’re here to play tricks on us, blurring the lines themselves.

The heavy dance track is captivating and the strong raps blend perfectly with the beautiful high notes in the bridge. But what really caught our attention was the clever manipulation of the word “house” at the end, emphasizing Xikers’ commitment to the trickster concept. This song is a true statement of expect the unexpected, leaving us excited for what’s to come from Xikers.

‘Dynamic (Cheongryang).’

This short interlude features ear-tingling guitar riffs and powerful drums. It serves as the perfect separation between the first half of the album, which was more focused on magical storytelling, and the second half, which has more casually independent songs. The dynamic energy of the track is undeniable, and it leaves a lasting impression that sets the tone for the rest of the album.


‘Rockstar’ is a pop rock anthem that is impossible not to love. The fun beat switches stay true to their tricky concept, making it a perfect song for any carpool karaoke session. Luckily, we have some live stages to satisfy our love for this song. The choreography is full of interesting placements and dynamic movements that are incredibly appealing to watch. We particularly enjoy the quirky moves that showcase their youthful energy. ‘Rockstar‘ is a statement by Xikers, and it’s clear they have secured their mark on their debut stages with this hit that has us all “feeling like a star.

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Xikey is officially a new feeling we’ve added to our dictionary – and you’ll understand why! Intensity is present from the first line which immediately demands your full attention. The undeniably catchy chorus sits in-between a hip-hop heavy track infused with magical whispers. This adds a mysterious element to the overall sound. As we all vibe along, they hit us with the surprise of “switch up,” and the beat reverses, taking on a brighter, softer concept. Perhaps this is just a snippet of what we can expect from their future music.

‘Oh My Gosh.’

The name of this song must have been chosen to perfectly describe our reaction to it! As we listen, we are treated to even more of the boys’ impressive vocals, while the chorus remains as powerful as ever. The pace is fast and constantly changes tones, fitting perfectly with the established theme of this album. But what truly stands out is the spectacular bridge – the way it builds had us literally saying “oh my gosh!

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