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ATEEZ Prove They’re Truly ‘Limitless’ In Latest Japanese Comeback.

ATEEZ Prove They’re Truly ‘Limitless’ In Latest Japanese Comeback.

Ateez are living up to their limitless reputation with their newest Japanese release. Now you might be thinking … weren’t Ateez just city-hopping across Europe for their The Fellowship: Break The Wall tour? Didn’t they just attend KCON in Thailand? And you’d be right – but that’s the beauty of being limitless.

March 22nd marked Ateez’s ‘Limitless’ Japanese comeback and the release of their second Japanese single which features as the intro theme song for the TV anime Duel Masters WIN. The mini album houses two songs and their corresponding instrumentals, totaling four tracks. The first is none other than the high-energy song ‘Limitless’ which we at The Honey POP! have not stopped ranting about. The second, ‘Diamond,’ is an uplighting inspirational number, but we’ll get to that later. Unlike Ateez, this article has a limit so let’s jump straight into the comeback.

Track 1: ‘Limitless’

With it’s uplifting melody and inspiring lyrics, Ateez’s latest release feels like a battle theme tune. Importantly, one that encourages us to conquer ourselves to find the real us. The song touches on the struggles of real life, but also reminds us we have the power to break through our limits and emerge stronger. After all, the song is primarily about the greatest fight in life which is conquering yourself. The only person you should compare yourself to is the you of yesterday. As the rappers say perfectly, it’s about “exceeding the red zone” and moving past our boundaries. Particularly the lyric “the answer that you’ve come to after getting hurt is worth that much more” stood out the most because of it’s raw honesty. The song also invites us to embrace the “duel you can’t escape from, real vibe, real life.”

Opening with Yunho’s stable vocals layered over what feels like a dystopian backing track, the vibes are evocative of a futuristic game. The chorus is held together by Wooyoung and Jongho’s delicate yet powerful voices. In the second verse, the beat dramatically shifts as the rappers introduce an air of anticipation that echoes throughout the song. As always, Ateez stay true to their overarching themes of strength and resilience with the repeating lyric “we gonna be a winner, that’s right, we are fighters.” Whether in music or life, Ateez embody determination.

The ‘Limitless’ Music Video

When Atiny said close the gyms, Ateez heard gym and thought, yeah we can do that! With the extensive Ateez discography, we always anticipate the visuals for upcoming music videos, and we absolutely loved this one!

The video features the members training at a gym. Half the members pick up the foils with fencing, while the others take aim at targets in archery. Particularly, the later scenes are fascinating to watch as we see the members go head to head with themselves. On the one hand, this may be to emphasize their limitless abilities and the fact you shouldn’t block your own progress. On the other hand, we couldn’t help but reminisce about their past work with this noticeable nod to the ‘Answer’ era. This was the last time we saw Ateez directly face to face with their alternative selves.

Also, we have to ask … with two Mingi’s in one room, how do we sign up for this gym? Ateez are always winners in our eyes but it was lovely seeing them celebrate their wins with a smile within this music video. Even if that involved their alternative selves dissolving into thin air!

The video ends with the group standing together in front of blue flags which had us wondering about possible symbolism behind them. Overall, we loved how the story was set out visually and we can’t wait to see what follows.

Track 2: ‘Diamond’

Featuring as a b-side, ‘Diamond’ is an optimistic anthem that reminds fans that Ateez are always by their side. In this song, it’s clear the group are encouraging fans to never be afraid and reminding them they are precious treasures in the world. Atiny are diamonds and have limitless possibilities. Ateez sing about acting as a light to guide fans forward within darkness. With beautiful harmonies to complement the comforting vibes. They promise to protect their fans’ dreams and always be there for us, even in the lowest moments. This song feels like a testament to the unbreakable bond between Ateez and Atiny, and we feel like it serves as a promise of support and love from both parties.

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Limitless Theories

As long-term Atiny’s we may not fully comprehend the entirety of Ateez’s complex storyline. However, we gleaned a lot from this comeback. Prior we mentioned the blue flags that appear at the end of the music video. Although there are only seven flags visible, we know that Ateez is an eight-member team. Interestingly, San is the only member without a flag behind him. This detail reminds us of the ‘Wonderland’ era where San is seen kneeling beside seven buried flags. The similarities are giving us goosebumps. In fact, we noticed several cinematic parallels between ‘Limitless’ and ‘Wonderland.’ The similar styling and the lengthened triangular symbol are present across the two eras. It makes us wonder – does San fail to protect his team? Was he betrayed by one of his members? We can’t help but think back to the fact Wooyoung is the only person standing at the end of ‘HALA HALA.’ Perhaps the friendship San shares with Wooyoung in brighter videos like ‘Eternal Sunshine’ is a ploy in a darker plan? The theories are limitless.

Do you think there is more to the ‘Limitless’ era? Let us know by tweeting us @thehoneypop!


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