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Here’s Every Song Taylor Swift Plays On The Eras Tour

Here’s Every Song Taylor Swift Plays On The Eras Tour

It’s official: Taylor Swift has kicked off her career-spanning Eras Tour, which combines songs from all the ten albums she’s released so far with amazing performances, dazzling costumes, and all the mesmerizing storytelling she’s given us over the years! And if you ask us at THP, this is already her best live show yet.

We rounded up all the songs Taylor performs on The Eras Tour so you can prepare for your tour date or just live vicariously through videos if you won’t make it! Just one question: are you ready for it…?

Spoiler Warning: This article will break down the songs and performances of The Eras Tour! If you wanna go spoiler-free for your show, feel free to come back later.

Act 1: Lover

‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’

With so many amazing songs in her catalog, it was a toss-up as to which song would be lucky enough to become the opening number of Eras Tour. ‘Miss Americana’ wasn’t one of our leading guesses, but we think it worked perfectly! A song with the lyric “it’s been a long time coming, but it’s you and me, that’s my whole world” was such a great choice to kick off Taylor’s first tour in five years and welcome the crowd to a celebration of her career so far.

‘Cruel Summer’

We’ve been waiting nearly four years for a live performance of ‘Cruel Summer,’ begging – no, screaming at – Taylor over and over, especially after Lover Fest got canceled. And we finally got that on The Eras Tour! With the beautiful colors and the flower fans the dancers wave around, this performance is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s exactly what this fan-favorite song deserves. Plus, that bedazzled Versace bodysuit? Chef’s kiss. 

‘The Man’

After the cutest speech about how much she missed being with fans and how excited she is to be back onstage, Taylor puts on a sequin blazer dress and performs ‘The Man’ with her female dancers! They all seem pretty chill and powerful, but then some male dancers come along and ruin the fun office vibe they have going on. But they just shake it off before reclaiming the space, and Taylor rises to the top of the set in a powerful statement on how she’s conquered the world in spite of all the struggles she’s faced!

‘You Need To Calm Down’ 

Taylor, there’s no way we could calm down when the Eras setlist is already this amazing! This colorful performance of ‘You Need To Calm Down’ is so exciting and such a great segway after the more frustrated elements of ‘The Man,’ telling the nay-sayers that they need to just stop. Plus, the on-screen visuals brought back the iconic house from the ‘Lover’ music video, which fans have speculated has one room for every album era up to Midnights! 


Deemed by Taylor as a “good old-fashioned love song,” ‘Lover’ was a natural choice for the Eras Tour setlist! We love it when Taylor breaks out her guitar, especially when it’s for a song like ‘Lover’ that she’s so proud of. When you think about it, The Eras Tour is all about celebrating every single “guitar string scar on [her] hand” and how all’s well that ends well as long as she gets to create art she loves and connect with her fans! 

‘The Archer’ 

Taylor closed out the Lover set with a stripped-back performance of ‘The Archer,’ with just her left on the runway while the sides lit up. It was such a powerful rendition of a song that’s helped so many people, and we’re sure there’s never a dry eye in the house when she performs it! Something about her singing “who could stay? You could stay…” to a stadium full of her loving fans hits differently. 

Act 2: Fearless 


We don’t know how Eras Tour could get better than this! Taylor started the Fearless section of the show with the album’s title track, playing along on her guitar – and yes, she brought back the iconic bedazzled Fearless Tour guitar! Kind of… she posted an Instagram story of her parents gluing rhinestones on a white guitar the day before the tour started, so it’s like a grown-up version of it. But we’d never complain about it! This is the first of many nods to Taylor’s past tours throughout the show, so keep your ‘Eyes Open’ for more references. 

‘You Belong With Me’

Maybe a popular opinion, but ‘You Belong With Me’ deserves a slot on every Taylor setlist ever. It’s a classic for a reason! Taylor looks like she’s having the time of her life sashaying around in her gold fringe dress by Roberto Cavalli – yes, the brand that made the gold fringe ‘Sparks Fly’ dress from the Speak Now Tour – and we have just as much fun watching her. 

‘Love Story’

There will never be a time when we don’t “just say yes” to ‘Love Story.’ If we ever say no to this song – and we mean ever – then you need to ask if we’re okay. Seeing ‘Love Story’ live is honestly a life-changing experience, and we’re so excited for all the Swifties who will get to experience that for the first time this year! Especially with the cute bedazzled guitar graphic on the stage floor.

Act 3: evermore 

’tis the damn season’ 

We didn’t expect Taylor to play ‘tis the damn season’ on this tour, but we’re so glad she’s giving it that level of recognition! Surrounded by prop trees bringing the folklorian woods to life, Taylor tells the musical story of a celebrity missing a former lover when she heads to her hometown in what’s definitely one of the best examples of her amazing lyrical storytelling talent. We also have to talk about that beautiful dress, which made her look like a woodland fairy princess in all the best ways possible! 


Taylor’s magical performance of ‘willow’ largely draws from the music video, especially from the bonfire scene! She wears the signature green cloak while her dancers carry glowing lanterns, and it’s so satisfying to watch. We also loved how the stage floor lit up in gold behind them as an ode to the gold string Taylor follows throughout the video!


We never thought we’d hear ‘marjorie’ live since it’s such a vulnerable song for Taylor, as a beautiful tribute to her late grandmother, who also loved music. So we were absolutely shocked when she gave us part of the song on The Eras Tour! This was a tear-jerker for sure, but nonetheless, a standout moment of the setlist for us. And it was so moving to hear the real Marjorie’s vocals ring out throughout the venue – Taylor added an actual recording of her grandmother singing to the end of the song! 

‘champagne problems’ 

Rumor has it that Taylor wrote ‘right where you left me’ about how we at THP have been mentally stuck on the video of Taylor singing ‘champagne problems’ as Aaron Dessner played piano while they were filming the ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ music video. So you can imagine how stoked we were to see T play ‘champagne problems’ on the piano on tour! And on an amazing, moss-covered piano, nonetheless. We’re jealous of anyone who’s gonna get to scream-sing that bridge with her!

‘tolerate it’

So, yeah, the last few songs of the evermore set were Tear City. Especially because for ‘tolerate it,’ she brought the lyrics to life with a table she set – one of her dancers played her partner from the song, who doesn’t care how much attention she paid to “[laying] the table with the fancy shit.” She captures the anger of the song by crawling on the table towards him, only to sit back in her seat as she sings the final lines, mirroring how the song ends and how it begins, and the relationship never really gets better. The theatricality is so incredible!

Act 4: reputation 

‘…Ready For It?’

Back on the reputation Tour in 2018, ‘…Ready For It?’ was such an iconic opener, so we were ecstatic to have it kind of be an opener again to kick off the reputation act! With new choreography (a sideways strut we’ll be trying to learn in case we get tickets) and a gorgeous snake bodysuit that had our jaws dropping, this is an amazing new take on a song we’ve loved for years. We’re so ready to watch countless videos of this song on The Eras Tour!


Ah, the return of “1, 2, 3, let’s go b*tch!” We had our fingers crossed to hear ‘Delicate’ live again because of how special it is to fans and how special it is to the reputation album since it was the only single Taylor released from the softer side of the record – she intentionally focused on darker songs like ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and ‘…Ready For It?’ earlier in the era to mirror how the general public often celebrated her downfalls rather than her happiness. She looked so happy to be performing it again, so we’re happy that she’s happy to be performing it again!

‘Don’t Blame Me’ 

Okay, remember during the reputation Tour when Taylor made us all cry with her iconic ‘Don’t Blame Me’ high notes, giving us what was arguably her best vocals to date as of 2018? Yeah, somehow, she topped those vocals with the 2023 version of ‘Don’t Blame Me!’ If you watch a video of this performance, you won’t blame us for being so excited about it. Her voice sounds stronger than ever, and the lights surrounding her look so cool. 

‘Look What You Made Me Do’

From the moment Taylor started singing the iconic transition that is “don’t blame me, look what you made me do,” we knew this would be an absolute show-stopper… and we were right! For this performance of ‘LWYMMD,’ Taylor took the “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now” lyric very seriously and had her backup dancers dress up as past versions of herself, all while the background screens showed Taylor dancing around in the throwback costumes she wore for the Eras Capital One commercial. And it all culminated in a recreation of the Taylor Mountain from the music video! This is seriously one of our all-time favorite Taylor performances already. We’ll never shut up about it.

Act 5: Speak Now 


We only got one Speak Now song on the Eras Tour setlist, and part of us is upset about that, but how upset can we really be if that song is ‘Enchanted?’ Everything about this song is absolutely magical, and we just have to talk about the gorgeous Nicole + Felicia dress she wears while singing it. We haven’t had a ballgown since the 1989 Tour in 2015, and even then, that was a bodysuit with a long skirt over it. The Disney princess vibes of this performance are so immaculate!

Act 5: Red 


2000-2001 Swifties are really living this tour because Taylor brought back ‘22’ with a new version of the iconic “not a lot going on at the moment” shirt from the music video! But this time, it says “a lot going on at the moment” because… well, there’s a lot going on at the moment. We haven’t heard a regular performance of this anthem since the 2013 Red Tour, which tour dancer Katee Shean told THP was her favorite Red performance to be a part of. We also have to give a shoutout to the cute eras transition before this song, where a dancer opened up a box, and it played snippets of songs like ‘State of Grace.’

‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

After being part of the iconic mashup closer of the reputation Tour alongside ‘This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,’ ‘Never Ever’ is finally getting her own moment to shine again! Taylor took off her “a lot going on at the moment” shirt to reveal a beautiful red and black bodysuit, and it was so cute to see the crowd scream along to the “weeeeEEEEE,” especially now that Taylor officially owns this song.  WeeeeEEEEE will never be tired of hearing it live!

‘I Knew You Were Trouble’

The last time we heard ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ live on a regular basis was during the 1989 Tour in 2015, so we were super excited to hear that it made the Eras Tour setlist! You really can’t go wrong with this song, and it was definitely one of the tracks we were hoping to hear live this time around. We also love that she brought back the fog machine on the chorus, replicating the 1989 Tour version!

‘All Too Well’ (Ten Minute Version)

Would the Red set really be complete without a rendition of ‘All Too Well,’ after we spent nearly a decade asking Taylor to give us the full version? We think not! And thankfully, Taylor gave us exactly what we wanted, performing the entire ten-minute version on a stunning red guitar after adding a glittering cape over her bodysuit. The crowd sings along to every word, and it gives us so many chills! It’s such a powerful moment that captures the essence of her songwriting talent, and it’s definitely a moment we’ll remember all too well for years to come.

Act 6: folklore 

‘invisible string’

Isn’t it just so pretty to think about ‘invisible string’ making it to the Eras Tour setlist? For the folklore set, Taylor unveiled another version of the cabin we first saw in her 2021 GRAMMY Awards performance, and she started the song sitting on the roof. The stage runway had two golden lines as a nod to the song’s theme and the gold thread Taylor follows in the ‘cardigan’ and ‘willow’ music videos.


After a little speech about how she loves breaking down the perfect apology in songs (see tracks like ‘How You Get The Girl’ for an example), Taylor broke into a version of ‘betty’ where she’s playing acoustic guitar! With her band sitting on the stairs below her and the cabin chimney pumping out smoke, it feels so cozy, like we’re accompanying James to go apologize to Betty with the song. 

‘the last great american dynasty’

Our favorite thing about ‘the last great american dynasty’ might just be the impactful storytelling and how you feel like Rebekah Harkness’ life is unfolding right before your eyes as the song progresses, so we were over the moon with this performance! Taylor’s singing narrates the story as the dancers around her act it out, all while a train glides across the stage screen to bring us to Rhode Island. The cabin set becomes Holiday House, and Taylor is right in the middle of everything – when she sings, “and then it was bought by me,” she and the dancer playing Rebekah share a smirk, then Taylor makes her way down the runway as Rebekah climbs to the roof of the cabin. 

‘august’ x ‘illicit affairs’

From the first time we heard folklore, the unrequited-love anthem ‘august’ was one of our favorite songs, and we’ve been looking forward to a tour performance of it ever since! Taylor certainly didn’t disappoint, delivering a stunning performance with colorful backdrops and amazing energy. But that wasn’t all – she ended the song with a segment of ‘illicit affairs,’ giving the original a more rock-infused sound that showcases the frustration of being in love with someone you can’t be with. When we tell you our jaws dropped… 

‘my tears ricochet’

Hearing ‘my tears ricochet’ live was such a bittersweet moment – it’s a beautiful song, but it came out of such a hard situation for Taylor as she pushed to own her own art. And we heard it in the middle of a tour all about celebrating her art and how hard she’s worked to own it! The harmonies are so haunting, and this is definitely a performance we’ll never forget.


And, of course, we had to hear ‘cardigan,’ the mystifying lead single of folklore that comes from Betty’s perspective as she looks back on her relationship with James years later, seemingly after they’ve gotten back together. Taylor’s vocals sound absolutely amazing! This is totally one of our favorite ‘cardigan’ performances, and we’ll be looking forward to it every night of the tour.

Act 7: 1989

‘Style’ x ‘Blank Space’

‘Style’ and ‘Blank Space’ have been live staples since the 1989 Tour, and for good reason! They’re both just the perfect pop songs, and the energy Taylor brings to their concert performances is incredible. The iconic ‘Style’ strut finally made its return, and ‘Blank Space’ had the dancers on neon bicycles to replicate the bike scene from the music video, while Taylor held a light-up golf club to pay homage to both the video and the original 1989 Tour performance where she hit a post with a golf club to create a beat loop.

See Also

‘Shake It Off’

No Taylor setlist is complete without the banger that is ‘Shake It Off!’ Bonus points if it’s with a colorful fringe outfit, and that’s exactly what we get on The Eras Tour. Taylor got to shake all the bad vibes off in an adorable co-ord set by Roberto Cavalli, which draws from the pink fringe set she wore on the 1989 Tour with a fun new twist thanks to different beading.

‘Wildest Dreams’ x ‘Bad Blood’ 

Yes, this mashup seems like it’d be one of the weirdest tour decisions in Taylor history, but it oddly works! It also kinda makes sense because ‘Bad Blood’ comes before ‘Wildest Dreams’ on the 1989 tracklist, but this version makes it seem like Taylor woke up from those wildest dreams and realized the relationship was more like a nightmare. No matter the thought process that went into this decision, we’re in love with it. And can we talk about the on-screen visuals burning down the ‘Lover’ house after it was on the screens earlier in the show? Poetic cinema.

Act 8: Surprise + Taylor Swift

Acoustic Surprise Song

Surprise songs are just a Swiftie tradition at this point, and we were crossing our fingers that Taylor would include a mystery musical slot on The Eras Tour. Thankfully, she did, and she’s making it a goal this time to only play each surprise song at one show! For opening night, this song was ‘mirrorball,’ and she explained in her speech that she saw ‘mirrorball’ as a love letter to us during quarantine when she couldn’t connect with fans in person. This song was already absolutely stunning, but it’s even more breathtaking when done acoustically.

Piano Surprise Song

On opening night, Taylor brought us back to the very first era of her career with a piano version of ‘Tim McGraw,’ her 2006 debut single! Hearing her current voice singing a baby Taylor song… we’re not crying! There’s just something in our eyes. The song may have been addressed to a partner, but when we think Tim McGraw, we often do think of her. And then, on the second night, she swapped it out for ‘State of Grace,’ revealing that this slot is actually for a surprise song each show. R.I.P. Debut, you will be missed.

But can we talk about that pretty piano? The flowers remind us of the floral dress she wore to the GRAMMY Awards when folklore won Album of the Year.

Act 9: Midnights 

‘Lavender Haze’

We were pretty confident that ‘Lavender Haze’ would be the opener for The Eras Tour, and we were still kinda right in some way! ‘Lavender Haze was the perfect way to start off the Midnights section of the setlist, with Taylor beckoning, “meet me at midnight” right from the beginning. As she sang, the dancers moved around giant cloud props, and visuals that channeled the music video played on the screens, with one even showing Taylor waving a powder cannon as she did in the video.


We don’t care if she’s an anti-hero. We’ll always root for Taylor! The Eras Tour performance of ‘Anti-Hero’ is so fun and upbeat, while the on-screen visuals basically give us a sequel to the music video. “At tea time, everybody agrees” this is an amazing performance for the song that’s been stuck in our heads for months! 

‘Midnight Rain’

Hearing Taylor and thousands of fans singing, “I was making my own name, chasing that fame,” in a full stadium… yeah. We’re so happy that ‘Midnight Rain’ made it to the setlist and with such a cool performance! The dancers circle around Taylor carrying umbrellas, and on one of the “all of me changed like midnight” lyrics, they even block Taylor while she takes off her sequin t-shirt dress to reveal a glimmering Oscar de la Renta bodysuit. 

‘Vigilante Sh*t’

Do you remember how we all collectively gasped during Midnights Mayhem With Me when Taylor announced the title of ‘Vigilante Sh*t?’ Get ready to gasp even harder when you see the live performance because it’s jaw-dropping in all the best ways. The chair choreography and the bad*ss energy are immaculate! We feel like this might become the ‘How You Get The Girl’ or ‘King Of My Heart’ of this tour, earning ‘Vigilante Sh*t’ the appreciation she deserves.


Sure, it’s been nearly five years since she last toured, but Taylor can still make any place shimmer! This performance of ‘Bejeweled’ is so electrifying, and it’s so cute that she incorporated the TikTok dance into the chorus choreography. Our diamond really is shining!


Checkmate, we couldn’t lose if ‘Mastermind’ made it to the Eras Tour setlist! This performance was largely inspired by the chess and domino references in the lyrics, with Taylor commanding the dancers throughout the song with even just a movement of her hand. It’s such a cool representation of the themes of ‘Mastermind,’ and we’re so excited to get even more videos of it as the tour goes on!


There’s something so powerful about the idea of Taylor singing, “ask me what I’ve learned from all those years, ask me what I’ve learned from all those tears, ask me why so many fade, but I’m still here” over a decade into her career and after everything she’s been through, especially after walking us through the rest of her catalog throughout the night. So we think ‘Karma’ was the perfect closer for the show! Her karma for pushing through all of those hardships, facing all of those heartbreaks, and putting up with all the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world was becoming a once-in-a-generation kind of superstar, selling out a stadium tour and having unwavering love from millions of fans all over the globe.

Which is your favorite performance from The Eras Tour? Is there a song that you wish made the setlist? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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