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TRENDZ Make The ‘NEW DAYZ’ Look Brighter

TRENDZ Make The ‘NEW DAYZ’ Look Brighter

TRENDZ have done it! They completed their BLUE SET CHAPTER series that began with their debut, and what a way to do it! We were curious ever since we saw the track titles, but oh, how much that curiosity grew after we got the highlight medley! We knew there was a reason to keep track of this group and BLUE SET CHAPTER. NEW DAYZ further proves it.

Let us introduce you to our new obsession and the star of this single album, ‘NEW DAYZ!’ We love everything: the sound, the lyrics, the meaning, the story, just all of it. That may sound a bit vague, and if we had to explain why we appreciate it all, we’d have to go a bit deeper.

First of all, the song gives us a brighter vibe compared to the group’s previous title tracks, yet still keeps their cool image. On the other hand, the music video introduces a certain issue that gives a darker atmosphere to the story but don’t be fooled! That only helps emphasize the good parts and leaves us in awe at the message and story. Oh, were we not clear enough? That just means we need to elaborate more about it (exactly what we wanted.) Here we go!

The issue we mentioned is not something to be taken lightly. It centers on violence and trying to escape from school bullies. The clip shows us days that no one should have to go through, pain that should have no place in anyone’s life. It also shares the hope for a better future and the wait for new, better days. The exciting melody gives a contrast to the bad by focusing on the good and the wishes the boys carry.

Also, TRENDZ present a fun-looking dance that we would love to see more of, maybe even learn. Look at those moves – there’s no way you didn’t have the same thoughts!

We can’t not mention the other two tracks on this single album. This reminds us, remember how we mentioned our new obsession being ‘NEW DAYZ?’ Well, plot twist, we actually have three. Sorry, not sorry.

‘Nightmare’ gives us a darker experience that pulls us in like an enchantment. If this is what it’s like to be under a spell, we don’t want to break free from it. Meanwhile, ‘Fantasy’ goes back to a lighter yet empowering melody which also got us hooked right away. The words “I will never let you down / I don’t wanna let you down” are now imprinted in our hearts.

We wanted to point one more thing out: there is something similar in all three tracks. What all of the songs have in common is that they all manage to keep the cool charm that the boys possess, all the while bringing us a new side to themselves. Do you agree?

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We think ‘NEW DAYZ’ is the perfect way for TRENDZ to end this chapter of their releases. Why? Simple, because the song goes: “I’m waiting for new dayz,” and ending something could only mean it opens the door to something new. We may be saying goodbye to the BLUE SET CHAPTER era, but we can’t wait to see what TRENDZ will come up with. Considering their releases so far, it will be more bangers and we are here for them!

How are you liking BLUE SET CHAPTER. NEW DAYZ? Got any favorite songs, and why is it all of them? Drop at our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and leave your thoughts for us!

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