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TRENDZ Do It ‘MY WAY’ In New Comeback

TRENDZ Do It ‘MY WAY’ In New Comeback


The wait is over, and while they had a comeback earlier this year, we were missing the sound that only TRENDZ bring. After ‘NEW DAYZ’ stole our hearts and a permanent spot on our playlists, we have impatiently awaited the group’s return. And we have made it! STILL ON MY WAY satisfies all our expectations and goes beyond them.

When it comes to this group, we have a few things that come to mind upon hearing its name. The members give us vocals we can’t get enough of and rap so unobtrusive that it flows perfectly within the songs. Now add the powerful choreography that steals our gazes and the distinctive melodies that get us so easily obsessed. This is TRENDZ, the group you need on your playlists and to look out for. 

Continuously Securing Their Spot In Our Hearts

Summer might be making way for fall to take over, but with TRENDZ’s ‘MY WAY,’ we will have a feeling of freedom that only the season associated with endless holidays can bring. A little bit nostalgic and a lot emotional, ‘MY WAY’ is the song you want to play to feel better, or when you need a little lifting up.

The sound and lyrics are already perfect, but TRENDZ added a refreshing music video to hype us up even more. We can feel their determination to go at life in their own ways and to follow their own paths. And we are inspired to do the same.

The video captures various times of the day: from daytime to night. And for us personally, the transitions feel very fitting with the song itself. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, afternoon, dusk, or night, it’s always best to be true to one’s self. At the end of the day you know you did your best by doing it your way, no regrets.

Open Your Eyes And Come With TRENDZ

Just like with their previous comeback, BLUE SET CHAPTER. NEW DAYZ, we are again found in awe when listening to the single album’s side tracks. At this rate, they are part of our main playlists with how unbelievably great each one sounds. You don’t have to believe us blindly. We encourage listening and deciding for yourselves, but we know you’ll come telling us we were right. 

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If you’re anything like us, you’d be hard-hooked on ‘ven conmigo.’ We take this invite and groove along to the song with TRENDZ, leaving our worries at the door the moment it plays. The freedom we keep feeling with the group’s music is very strong with this track, and we hope you’ll feel the same.

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The album ends with ‘O.Y.E,’ a track that also exposes a positive and inciting feeling of being true to one’s self. The album might be short, but every piece on it is captivating and uplifting on an emotional level. ‘O.Y.E’ keeps the strong grip the previous titles had on us and implements its own statement. Seriously, how is this group so good? Their messages and delivery are at the highest of qualities.

With STILL ON MY WAY, TRENDZ gave us another taste of their musical sound and showed us why we need to keep our eyes on them. Are you making ‘MY WAY’ your new theme song? What did you think of the group’s latest B-sides? Drop by our  TwitterFacebook, or Instagram and tell us all about your experiences listening to TRENDZ’s new single album. 

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