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7 Iconic Taylor Swift Outfits To Recreate For The Eras Tour

7 Iconic Taylor Swift Outfits To Recreate For The Eras Tour

So you did it: you survived ‘The Great War’ of ticket sales and are officially attending Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated Eras Tour! But now comes what might be a bigger struggle. What will you wear to the concert?! Don’t worry, we at THP are kinda obsessed with Taylor’s style, so we tracked down dupes for some of Taylor’s most iconic looks! Here’s how you can bring the Old Taylor back to life or celebrate the New Taylor on a budget.

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Speak Now World Tour

We see ‘Sparks Fly’ whenever we’re reminded of this iconic dress from Taylor’s 2010 tour! Taylor’s dress was by Roberto Cavalli, so it’d be kinda hard to get your hands on the exact piece, but these dress options will get the point across while letting you shine like fireworks. Don’t forget to curl your hair, too!

’22’ Music Video

22-year-olds, this one’s for you! We got so many incredible looks during the Red era – and the Red (Taylor’s Version) era, while we’re at it – that it was really hard to narrow down one to recommend here, but this ’22’ outfit is easily recognizable and easy to recreate. You’ll need a “not a lot going on at the moment” shirt, black shorts, a bowler hat, and some red heart glasses to match the ones she wore in certain scenes of the music video!

1989 World Tour

This is a pretty popular tour costume, but there are so many different ways to recreate it! On each night of the 1989 World Tour, Taylor wore a different sequin-jacket-and-metallic-skirt combo to perform ‘Welcome To New York, so you can really get creative with different colors. You can find some jacket options here, here, here, and here, and some skirt options here, here, and here!

‘End Game’ Music Video

We never tried to forget this incredible look from the end of the ‘End Game’ music video, but even if we did, we just couldn’t! From the fluffy blue jacket to the glitzy dress, every inch of this outfit was a serve. It’s a pretty underrated Taylor fashion moment, so we feel like not many people will be recreating it for the Eras Tour – time for you to stand out!

‘Lover’ Music Video

Another underrated music video look that we think would make a great Eras Tour costume is the sweet yellow dress from the ‘Lover’ music video! We’d start with a yellow halter dress, then pair it with dangling earrings and a thick matching headband. If your venue allows signs (be sure to check their website first!), you could even make yourself a guitar and have your friends sign it. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet Taylor’s band members on the floor and get their autographs?

folklore Photoshoot Checkered Dress

As fun as it can be to go all-out with a costume for your show, sometimes you just want something simple and comfy so you don’t have to worry about sequins flying everywhere or scratchy fabrics irritating your skin while you dance. We think a checkered mini-dress like the one Taylor wore for her folklore photoshoot would be a great option! You could even pair it with a cardigan dupe for something a little extra and to stay warm if your stadium show gets a little chilly.

‘willow’ Music Video

The old-timey costumes in the ‘willow’ music video are absolutely stunning, but we imagine it’d be kinda hard to dance around in a longer dress like this, especially if you’re blessed with a Rain Show. But don’t worry, we have a modern solution! This lovely mini-dress is one of the prettiest things we think we’ve ever laid eyes on, and it replicates the neckline and lace detailing of Taylor’s in a fresh, elegant way.

Have you figured out your Eras Tour outfit yet? Are you gonna try out any of these ideas? If you do, send us a pic on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – we’d love to see and hype you up!

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