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Izzy Mahoubi Has Our Heart ‘Torn In Two!’

Izzy Mahoubi Has Our Heart ‘Torn In Two!’

Izzy Mahoubi is definitely not a new name to grace the THP screens, because we’re absolutely obsessed … as we should be, and pretty soon, she won’t be a new name to anyone, anywhere.

From one of the most promising up-and-coming artists this year, Izzy Mahoubi brings us ‘Torn In Two,’ a song that brings us into those questioning moments nearing the end of a relationship. The song’s beginning shows Izzy reminiscing on the happier and more vibrant start to the relationship, but ultimately she knows “it might be time to let go of you.” But if he tells her to stay … she will/

I wish the shade of us / was just as vibrant / as when I first met you / do you hang on every conversation / like I do?

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Image Source: Courtesy of Rude Records

“Because you lit the match / and left the flame…”

‘Torn In Two’ Music Video

The video depicts the final stages of a relationship, with references to nostalgia within music – with posters, vinyl, and Rolling Stone magazine, we’re brought on this journey with Izzy. Through the transition that would put even the best TikToker to shame and the laundry basket POV, the use of imagery and true thought behind this video proves once again that Izzy and the director, Chase Warren, are two unstoppable visionaries.

Are you seeing this music video??? Cinematic masterpiece!

[I wrote this song] during a time when the excitement of my last year in school and new relationships were starting to fade. Nothing was “new” anymore. I remember grieving friendships that started to dissolve and accepting that the next season of life was going to look very different.

Izzy Mahoubi on ‘Torn In Two’

At the age of 18, Izzy has already mastered the emotional vulnerability that fans crave, any Olivia Rodrigo, Taylor Swift, or Lizzy McAlpine fans… this is an artist for you!

I let myself surrender to the uncomfortable reality that sometimes relationships fade when it’s no one’s fault. It’s as heart-wrenching as a breakup … The slow steady dissipation of two people going on different paths. There’s something beautiful about that as well. Endings are never fun, but without knowing, we are writing chapters of each other’s memoirs just by being present which I think is pretty cool.

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Izzy Mahoubi on ‘Torn In Two’

Izzy’s description of the song is incredibly beautiful and raw – everyone has experienced these feelings at least once in their life, and Izzy’s perfectly put these ordeals and emotions into words. This is exactly what makes a great songwriter, and that’s precisely what Izzy is.

We’ve experienced Izzy’s growth as an artist from ‘Hang Around’ to now ‘Torn In Two,’ and we couldn’t be prouder. We are overjoyed at the success she’s receiving and cannot wait to see where 2023 brings her.

How’s your heart after listening to ‘Torn In Two?’ Let us know over on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!For more music recs, click here!


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