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The Boyz Turn Their ‘Whisper’ Into A ‘ROAR’

The Boyz Turn Their ‘Whisper’ Into A ‘ROAR’

The Boyz promised to make 2023 their year and they meant every word of it. Following their BE AWARE mini-album, released in the summer of 2022, The Boyz are back with BE AWAKE and ‘ROAR’ as the title track. And believe us: you don’t want to miss out on this one! It might just be one of the group’s best releases to date. The Boyz are back as 11 members, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and their incredible music is officially back.


The Boyz have always come out with some of the best title tracks out there. So you know it’s serious when we say this may be one of their best yet! ‘ROAR’ feels iconic just on the first listen. The whistling sound all throughout the song makes it so addictive yet mysterious. They once again excel at mixing R&B with pop melodies. It’s dark and seductive, just like ‘REVEAL.’ And if you liked that one, you will definitely love ‘ROAR!’ It’s not only one of their best title tracks, but it definitely embodies everything The Boyz is about.

And if the music wasn’t enough, the music video is to lose your mind over. It’s not just one of their bests. It is their best one yet. The aesthetic, the transitions, the concept, the visuals… everything about it is absolute perfection. And what would be a The Boyz comeback without an absolutely mind-blowing choreography? Because The Boyz are one of the best boy groups out there when it comes to performing. This isn’t any news and they made sure to keep their well-deserved title with ‘ROAR.’ This is TBZ at their best – the music is perfect, the music video is gorgeous, and the choreography is one not many groups could pull off as perfectly and flawlessly as they do. ‘ROAR’ is The Boyz’s moment.


This entire mini-album is an experience on its own. The opening track, ‘Awake,’ is directly related to ‘ROAR’ and serves as the perfect introduction. It’s a track unlike any other The Boyz track, it’s raw and intense. The mixture of soft and seductive parts with striking vocals and rap verses makes this a masterpiece.

‘Blah Blah’ is a b-side that could easily be on one of The Boyz’s earlier mini-albums. It has this youthful fun bright energy mixed with R&B – something that characterizes their first releases. ‘Blah Blah’ feels like an OG The Boyz song yet more mature. ‘Savior’ feels much darker, but still screams The Boyz’s name. It might seem lowkey and laid back at first, but this one just explodes in the best way possible. The vocals, the rap verses, and the production – everything is on point.

The fifth track on BE AWAKE can be considered the odd one out. While the other tracks are seductive and upbeat, ‘Horizon’ is a much more chill song with its acoustic guitar and laid-back melody. It feels warm and comforting. This ballad by The Boyz feels extra special somehow – it’s just magical. And it feels like a breath of fresh air!

‘Diamond Life’ is the favorite b-side of a lot of the members, and we can definitely see why. BE AWAKE truly ends on a high with this grandiose track. The melody in the chorus is pop perfection and one of the best moments of the entire mini-album. ‘Diamond Life’ feels so powerful and overflowing with confidence. It’s the perfect way to wrap up BE AWAKE. The Boyz are truly back and we’ll make sure everyone knows about it.

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