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5 Of ATEEZ’s Greatest Achievements So Far

5 Of ATEEZ’s Greatest Achievements So Far

There’s no doubt that ATEEZ is one of the fourth-gen groups that represents K-pop on a global scale! Despite coming from a small company, their talents and hard work have allowed their careers to reach starry heights. Today and every day, we’re celebrating ATEEZ and some of their biggest achievements so far, though there are plenty more to come!

Global Chart Success

Led by Kim-“Did I teach you to dream small?”-Hongjoong, ATEEZ is the epitome of organic success. The group debuted from a small company, and the members have consistently improved themselves and become one of K-Pop’s frontrunners. Almost four years into their career, The World Ep.1: MOVEMENT was ATEEZ’s first album to reach 1 million global total sales, and it hit number three on the BILLBOARD 200 album chart.

Eleven months later, The World Ep.2: OUTLAW hit number two on the chart and reached 1 million global sales in its first week. In fact, ATEEZ is the only boy group outside the Big 4 companies to achieve this milestone. See what we mean about them constantly outdoing themselves?

ATEEZ’s World Tours

Not only can ATEEZ’s achievements be quantified with chart stats, but they can also be recognized in audience sizes. Because if there’s one thing that ATEEZ will do, it’s perform. (With a capital P!) They are nicknamed the Performance Kings, and it’s a title they’ve more than earned. They’ve been on three world tours in the five years since they debuted. Like actual world tours. When we say they represent K-pop globally, we mean it.

Amongst other impressive stats, ATEEZ was the first fourth-gen group to headline London’s O2 Arena and is one of the only K-Pop acts to tour through Latin America. The group has held an impressive 79 concerts across 28 countries. Not bad, eh?

And all those feats are before you even get stuck into what a spectacle ATEEZ concerts are. If you don’t believe us, check out our thoughts on THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL tour in London here.



♬ Cyberpunk – ATEEZ

First Win

On 20 June 2019, less than a year after they debuted, ATEEZ got their first music show win! With a score of 5,482 for the title track ‘WAVE,’ they took home the MCountdown trophy, and there were plenty more to come.

Whether they win or not, ATINYs are so proud of ATEEZ. But that’s not to say we don’t love it when they do! ATEEZ is known for being a group with a relentless schedule, especially when comeback season arrives. And we love to see their hard work pay off.

We’re so happy and touched with just being on stage every day, but thank you for giving us such a great award.

Hongjoong on MCountdown


We’re so proud of all eight members of this one team (geddit?) and all of ATEEZ’s achievements so far! Music show wins aren’t the only trophies they have (though they now have 18 of those). 11 of those are for ATEEZ’s most recent title tracks, ‘Guerrilla’ and ‘BOUNCY,’ once again showing that they’re just getting bigger and better!

They have more awards than we can count, but here are some standouts: 2019 MTV EMA for Best Korean Act, The Fact Music Awards Artist Of The Year Bonsang in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Their relay win at ISAC 2022 also has a special place in our hearts, but now’s not the time for that. Next up, ATINYs are manifesting ATEEZ’s first Daesang.

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Outside Of Music

If you thought ATEEZ’s achievements stopped with music, you couldn’t have been more wrong. They’re making names for themselves in fashion, acting, and broadcasting! Every ATINY remembers ATEEZ’s iconic K-drama debut, with Jongho, Yunho, San, and Seonghwa joining the cast of Imitation. Then there’s Yeosang, who has been an MC on The Show for a mind-blowing three years. Not to mention, Hongjoong and Yunho are currently hosts on Idol Radio. And let’s not forget that Hongjoong is the Balmain prince. When you have the Olivier Rousteing fawning over you on social media, you must be doing something right in the fashion world!

ATEEZ will never stop. Not until they’ve taken over this world and all the parallel worlds in their lore. (No, we don’t understand it either). We love celebrating all they’ve done thus far, and we cannot wait to see what’s next.

What ATEEZ and ATINY achievement are you most proud of? Did we miss your favorite moment? Let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP, or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve got you covered if you want more ATEEZ!


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