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‘HALAZIA’ And Spin Off: From The Witness Finish ATEEZ’s Iconic 2022

‘HALAZIA’ And Spin Off: From The Witness Finish ATEEZ’s Iconic 2022

With the year they’ve had, how else could ATEEZ finish off 2022? They never stop spoiling ATINY, so naturally, they released their new single Spin Off: From The Witness on December 30th! ATEEZ gifted us with their new title track ‘HALAZIA’ and some ATINY have been coming up with some epic HALATEEZ theories, but honestly, we’re just trying to work out how they manage that choreo without passing out.

ATINY spent December on tenterhooks after some cryptic clues popped up hinting at the much-anticipated ATEEZ comeback. There were even QR codes, new social media accounts, and a mystery video that got deleted. They don’t keep it simple, do they?

The title of Spin Off: From The Witness might make you think we’d be taking a break from ATEEZ’s incredibly intricate (and confusing TBH) universe, but we seem to be more deeply entrenched than ever before!

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‘HALAZIA’ is the quintessential ATEEZ title track; it has everything people expect from the performance kings, and more. The Mingi and Hongjoong co-written song is high-impact, high-energy, and is literally built for huge-scale performances. At this point there’s no point even trying to say what genre ‘HALAZIA’ falls into – every ATEEZ song is its own beast, and there are few groups who have a sound as distinctive as they do.

‘HALAZIA’ Theories

It wouldn’t be an ATEEZ comeback without some of the most confusing lore in K-Pop! ‘HALAZIA’ has gifted us with so much to sink our teeth into, but honestly, we have more questions than answers. Why is Yunho sat inside that giant sandglass (sorry, Chromer)? Why does Wooyoung have one of the HALATEEZ hats, is he one of the witnesses? We’re assuming Yeosang is the blue bird, right? Which universe are they even in right now?!

Listen, we don’t claim to be theoryTINYs. We just came here to have a good time and we’re feeling very confused right now.

Gayo Daejejeon Performance

Naturally, when the performance kings drop a new single there’s only one thing for it – ATINY need to see them perform it! ATEEZ spent their New Year’s Eve at MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon, and they tore the stage up with their performance of ‘HALAZIA.’ It’s some of ATEEZ’s best choreos to date, complete with the props and theatrics that prove no one can do it as they can. Plus, their ability to embody characters through their performance is unparalleled – we may as well say that all eight members are part of the demon line at this point.

The memes about idols hiding backstage at music shows when the time came to do the ‘Guerrilla’ TikTok challenge just got taken to the next level…

B-Side Remixes And ‘Outro: Blue Bird’

‘HALAZIA’ wasn’t the only treat that ATEEZ gave us to close the year. Spin Off: From The Witness actually contains five tracks, with three of them being remixes of some of ATEEZ’s most iconic hits (so far). ‘WIN,’ ‘I’m The One,’ and ‘Take Me Home’ all get a new lease of life and ATINY feels like we’ve won.

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When a group wraps up 2022 in an iconic way like ATEEZ have, you already know their 2023 is gonna be huge! To start, they have the Europe leg of their FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL world tour next month. We know all European ATINY have their fingers crossed that ‘HALAZIA’ will be added to the setlist. Plus, we’ll all be waiting to see if we get the second installment of ATEEZ’s THE WORLD album series!

What are your thoughts on Spin Off: From The Witness? Got a bigger brain than us and have some ‘HALAZIA’ theories to share? Let us know over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! We’re also on Facebook and Instagram!

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