Japanese Breakfast Shows Out In Chicago!

Japanese Breakfast Shows Out In Chicago!

Japanese Breakfast shows out in Chicago! The indie rock band, Japanese Breakfast, lit up Chicago’s Thalia Hall with a show to remember!

Japanese Breakfast sold-out back-to-back shows at The Thalia Hall, and we were lucky enough to cover the first night! If you have never seen them live before you need to change that immediately! Like, today or if not today then the second they get to the closest city near you! Between the stage presence that every performing member has and the mesmerizing light show that goes on while they’re playing, it truly is a must-see concert!

Luna Li opened up the show with a stellar show of their own. Capturing the audience for their entire 45 minutes set with their fun and exciting performance! They are also another artist that you have to see live if you haven’t yet! You’ll thank us after.

Japanese Breakfast has been on tour since July and the tour will end in November, so you still have time to catch the show and if you need some prep, here’s the setlist!

  • ‘Paprika’
  • ‘Be Sweet’
  • ‘In Heaven’
  • ‘The Woman That Loves You’
  • ‘Kokomo, IN’
  • ‘Ballad 0’ (Bumper cover)
  • ‘Savage Good Boy’
  • ‘Road Head’
  • ‘Here You Come Again’ (Dolly Parton cover)
  • ‘Boyish’
  • ‘The Body Is a Blade’
  • ‘Tactics’
  • ‘Glider’
  • ‘Posing In Bondage’
  • ‘Slide Tackle’
  • ‘Everybody Wants To Love You’
  • ‘Posing For Cars’
  • ‘Diving Woman’

Whats your favorite song by Japanese Breakfast? Where are you going to see them live? Let us know! @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram!

Check out more of Japanese Breakfast here!


Featured Image and Gallery Source: Michael Yebra for The Honey POP

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