George Moir Takes Centre Stage At The Omeara

George Moir Takes Centre Stage At The Omeara

The Omeara is becoming one of our favourite venues and with George Moir taking center stage this time, we sure were happy to be back. If you have yet to experience a George Moir show, we highly recommend that you do. Firstly, his voice is as smooth as melted chocolate and we couldn’t get enough of the sunflowers that covered every instrument. With laughter and small speeches between almost every song, it was definitely the place to be.

The Show

‘Big Boy Cruising’ and ‘Lonely’ played during the show, along with a special shoutout to his song ‘Baked Beans’ thanks to some chants that started before the show even began. George Moir made sure the show was personal in many ways. He had the audience clapping and he dedicated songs to some fans. It was just lovely seeing everyone get brought together by nothing but good vibes and good music.

The Set

Colourful lighting, sunflowers and the echos of everyone singing all prove that we should be attending George Moir shows. If that wasn’t enough to sell it to you, maybe this will be; a brand new song was played, with no details of when it would be released. Which means we are left wondering, when will we be hearing more from George? We want more. The only way to make sure we’re all experiencing these wonderful exclusive songs, is to be attending his shows.

To sum it up, you will be seeing us at more George Moir shows! Want more live gig news and reviews? We gotchu!

Were you there? Check out George’s music and let us know your favorite song by reaching out to us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


Featured Image Source: Toyah Ann for The Honey POP

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