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Ashe Taps Out Of Ashlyn Era With The Final Chapter: ‘Not Mad Anymore’

Ashe Taps Out Of Ashlyn Era With The Final Chapter: ‘Not Mad Anymore’

The incredible talent that is Fred Astaire, is back with ‘Not Mad Anymore.’ Wait, no, that’s not right, silly us! It’s Ashe! Our favorite rising superstar and all-round cutey pie, has just dropped the brand new tap-tastic music video for ‘Not Mad Anymore’ and we’re certainly not mad about it!

Ashe Is Step, Ball, Changing It Up

Not one for vanilla music videos, the Ashlyn era has seen our fave getting in her groove in her videos, and we’ve lived for it. We’ve had dancing with FINNEAS, dancing on broken glass, dancing around a theatre, and now we’ve stepped it up… tap dancing! Yes, that’s right, the entire music video is a tap-dancing routine! Ashe has been learning and practicing tap for months in preparation! Will this women ever give her poor feet a break? Ashe is even taking tap over to TikTok, as she’s called for us all to post our #TapTok’s on the app, to celebrate the release!

What a fitting final single to conclude this era. With Ashlyn giving so many songs depicting the love, heartbreak, resentment, and personal growth Ashe went through, ending with ‘Not Mad Anymore’ really does seem like a full circle “at peace” kinda moment, and we are simping for the poetry in that. Get your noisiest pair of shoes out, and enjoy the brand new music video for ‘Not Mad Anymore’. Plus, make sure you stream it, here!

‘Not Mad Anymore’ is easily one of our favorite tacks from Ashlyn, and we are over the moon that Ashe has treated us to this music video! Clearly, the song means a lot to Ashe too, as she discussed the song on TikTok:

I was really angry about how things went in my divorce with my ex, things got really sketchy and I got really pi**ed off. But ‘Moral Of The Story’ came from that mess and I realized… I guess I’m thankful for all of it. The good, the ugly, the dreams, the nightmares, the friendships, the songs. #NotMad anymore.

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The music video audio is backed by the sounds and rhythms of Ashe’s tap beats, along with her incredible backing dancers! Directed by frequent collaborator Jason Lester, the video’s perfectly timed choreography synchronizes with the song’s melody, and Ashe chews up and spits out this tap routine. Never a dull moment, Ashe brings her A-game from the first tap to the last. Dressed in a head-to-toe red turtle neck ensemble, which her muse and bestie Diane Keaton would be in awe of, Ashe (who was actually poorly at the time of filming) breathes life into this phenomenal song.

When One Door Closes…

Did you spot the visual Easter eggs in the video? We’ll give you a hint… they’re from previous music videos and performances from the Ashlyn era! Yep, peep the red arch from the YouTube Music Artist On The Rise: Ashe short film, and the mint door from the ‘Me Without You’ music video. Amazingly, it just so happened that Ashe was filming the ‘Not Mad Anymore’ music video in a warehouse that stores disused sets and props, and when Ashe arrived, the arch and the door had ended up there! Poetically concluding Ashlyn, Ashe walks through and closes the door at the end of ‘Not Mad Anymore;’ the same door she punched, opened, and walked through during ‘Me Without You.’ What a metaphor… we weren’t emotionally ready.

Image Source: Screenshots of Ashe’s ‘Me Without You’ and ‘Not Mad Anymore’ music videos
We’ll Love Her, ‘Always’

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If you’ve been Honey Popping for a while, you already know that we have a mild Ashe dependency. By that, what we mean is that we hang on her every word, lyric, music video, tweet, and gig. One of the brightest talents of the last few years, Ashe has an innate ability to live rent-free in our brains as both a musical star and also, a friend, and there’s nothing more we could ask for. Ashlyn, which dropped earlier this year, quickly became one of our albums of the year, and here at THP HQ, we’ve loved celebrating it with all of you.

Okay, so maybe we’re a little mad that the Ashlyn era is ending. But when one door (see what we did there?) closes, another opens. We cannot wait to see what comes next! We mean, we’ve still got next year’s Fault Line Tour to come!! For now, we’re watching ‘Not Mad Anymore’ on a loop, and reminiscing on our favorite Ashlyn era moments!

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An image of drummer Taylor Hawkins

Maybe it was when we saw Ashe for the first time at Lollapalooza, and got to photograph her owning the stage? Perhaps it was May 7th when we finally got our hands on the full album, which you can stream right here? Maybe it was when Ashe flew over to London to duet with Niall Horan at his live-streamed gig; Niall Horan Live at The Royal Albert Hall? Maybe it was when we casually rocked up to Ashe’s record signing in London and got to chat with her before heading over to see her (and friends) at her headline London gig? Yeah, we’re gonna go with the latter, the best day of our lives. There’s no denying the Ashlyn era has been groundbreaking, heartwarming, and has solidified our love for the beautiful and talented, Ashe.

What’s been your fave moment from the Ashlyn era? Come and celebrate ‘Not Mad Anymore’ with us, and tell us all about your failed attempts at learning the tap routine, down in the comments, or over on our Twitter @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook.

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Featured Image Source: Ashe Via Instagram

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