One Night Only At The Omeara With Flawes.

One Night Only At The Omeara With Flawes.

We were stunned by Flawes headlining at the Omeara in London for only one night, they are definitely a band you need to keep an eye out for. Freddie, Huss, and JC are all very talented, which alone is enough to put on a good show, but because of their friendship, it fills the stage with joy and just makes the show that much better. Singing songs like ‘What’s A Boy To Do’ and ‘Higher Than Before’ where they brought MiyaMiya on stage to belt out those extra vocals, it was nothing short of beautiful. Flawes latest EP Reverie was showcased to the max throughout the show. Concerts like this are the sole reason that concerts are always the best place to be. Smiles all round, even some fans flew in from Germany to be there!

The vibes of the gig were amazing, Flawes always made sure to get the crowd involved, and they happily played along. Clapping, singing, and shining their flashlights, the audience was excitable which made it even more fun to be around, talking of lights, the venue’s lighting was fantastic, changing with every song and flashing to hype up Freddie whenever he had a guitar solo. In conclusion, it was one of the happiest gigs we have ever been to.

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