City And Colour Is Back And Better Than Ever!

City And Colour Is Back And Better Than Ever!

Dallas Green hits the road for a tour of City and Colour solo shows, we caught him in Chicago, IL and we didn’t cry. You cried….and okay, maybe we did too.

Another Canadian-based band, Dizzy, joined City and Colour for this specific show in Chicago, IL. And, if you have not heard of or listened to Dizzy, then you need to change that. Dizzy’s sound and stage presence definitely set the tone for the rest of the show with their performance.

City and Colour’s Dallas Green announced that he will be hitting the road solo for a full U.S. tour starting in early September and ending in late October. If you can, make sure to see him while he’s in your city! Although, if you didn’t, don’t worry because we got you covered!

After 556 days without playing a show (but who’s counting…Dallas did) City and Colour are finally back playing live music. Because these shows are solo, Dallas does an amazing job of making a sold-out venue feel incredibly intimate. Almost like it’s just you and him and he’s playing the guitar while he’s singing to just you. Even though it’s definitely not just you there, the atmosphere created by Dallas Green could fool anyone into believing it is.

Although, we all know how mesmerizingly beautiful Dallas’ voice is. We’ve all listened to City and Colour before. But, what you didn’t know is that he sounds even better in person. And, we didn’t think that was possible either. His voice was powerful, comforting, and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Here is the full setlist for the two-hour performance by City and Colour;

  • ‘Forgive Me’
  • ‘Young Lovers’
  • ‘The Grand Optimist’
  • ‘Northern Wind’
  • Against the Grain’
  • ‘What Makes a Man?’
  • ‘In the Water I Am Beautiful’
  • ‘We Found Each Other in the Dark’
  • ‘Astronaut’
  • ‘Little Hell’
  • ‘Runaway’
  • ‘As Much As I Ever Could’
  • ‘Comin’ Home’
  • ‘Difficult Love’
  • ‘The Girl’
  • ‘Hello, I’m in Delaware’
  • ‘Rain When I Die’ (Alice In Chains cover)
  • ‘Two Coins’
  • ‘Day Old Hate’
  • ‘Lover Come Back’
  • ‘Sleeping Sickness’

You can find more live music photos and reviews here!

Have you seen City and Colour before? What’s your favorite song? Album? And, what song makes you cry the most? Let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop, Facebook, or Instagram!


Featured Image and Gallery Source: Michael Yebra

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