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Ruel’s ‘I DON’T WANNA BE LIKE YOU’ Music Video is Finally Here, And So Are More Dates For The 4th Wall World Tour.

Ruel’s ‘I DON’T WANNA BE LIKE YOU’ Music Video is Finally Here, And So Are More Dates For The 4th Wall World Tour.

The young Australian singer-songwriter Ruel is making waves in the music industry. With the release of the ‘I DON’T WANNA BE LIKE YOU’ music video, Ruel proves he’s the rising star to look out for. He is also great at capturing fans’ hearts, including us at The Honey POP!, through his relatable lyrics and soulful voice. At only 20 years old, Ruel is about to embark on the 4th Wall World Tour following the release of his debut album, 4th Wall. With over 2 billion worldwide streams, 5 platinum records, and the title of the youngest artist to sell out, the Sydney Opera House (twice). This is only the beginning of his success story!

P.S. There are music video spoilers ahead!


Ruel has officially broken the 4th wall physically and metaphorically in his new music video. The ‘I DON’T WANNA BE LIKE YOU’ video release is full of contrasts. Firstly we have the lyrics, which tell a story of someone wanting to stand independently in a song we can only describe as a modern pop anthem. The song itself is powerful and upbeat; at the same time, it’s a cry for independence. We particularly love the lyric, “I’m not gonna to get there holding your hand.” However, the video is set beneath a gloomy sky. This is all part of the mood Ruel creates within the song.

Also introduced is an army of people dressed in blue jumpsuits and shades, which personify the 4th wall. Throughout the video, we see them putting up wanted posters claiming Ruel has broken the 4th wall. They also stand linked together to try to block Ruel’s progression. Ruel is the only person in the music video dressed uniquely. He definitely looked dashing in his suit!

The visuals themselves show Ruel riding a car headfirst into the 4th wall – which he shared he did fall off during filming. When watching, we felt like Ruel is on his way to breaking down the barrier between his fans and the music he is projecting to the world. Ruel is constantly defying boundaries, and this music video shows just that. But it doesn’t end there! The music video ends with the director taking center screen and yelling cut, with the extras who play the 4th wall advised to go to lunch. It feels as though we are part of the scene. Although we don’t see Ruel past the wall, we’re excited to see how he translates this concept onto the stage for his upcoming tour.

Ruel Takes The 4th Wall Tour Global

The 4th Wall Tour just got even more exciting with new dates recently announced. The artist will now bring his tour across additional countries, exciting fans and taking his music global! Kicking off in Brisbane on April 14th, his headlining tour will now see Ruel travel to perform across Australia, New Zealand, and North America, with select cities in the UK and Europe in September. This will be Ruel’s first world tour in over 3 years! We are so excited to see how he brings the 4th Wall concept to the stage and are hoping for lots of fan interactions to really highlight this.

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I’ve never looked forward to a tour this much, and I’m counting down the days until I can play a bunch of new tracks from the album as well as all my fan favourites.

Ruel on getting back on tour

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