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Steal SEULGI’s ‘28 Reasons’ Style With These Amazon Finds

Steal SEULGI’s ‘28 Reasons’ Style With These Amazon Finds

When SEULGI sang, “ooh, I’m breaking every rule” on her debut solo track, there’s a big chance she was talking about the unique fashion she gave us during the 28 Reasons era! From the ’28 Reasons’ music video to each and every performance stage, we were constantly blown away by her amazing looks. One problem though: we can’t track down all the designer pieces she has in her wardrobe.

But don’t worry, honeybees – we come with a solution! We found some dupes for SEULGI’s iconic 28 Reasons looks on Amazon so you can emulate her style and enter your very own villain era.

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’28 Reasons’

With a Versace corset and Diesel cargo pants, this was definitely one of the most memorable performance outfits from the ’28 Reasons’ era! It was edgy and sleek at the same time, while the necklace and armbands added some extra edge. We found three different options that channel SEULGI’s top, which you can pair with some classic cargos and top off with a sleek chain.

‘Dead Man Runnin”

This 604Service outfit has stayed living in our minds rent-free, and luckily, it’s not too hard to recreate at home. The key to this look is a pair of muted camo pants, complemented by a black halter top – and don’t be scared to get crafty with it, because the gray patches on SEULGI’s top are actually cut out from a tube top and sewn onto her black shirt!

‘Bad Boy, Sad Girl’

One of the first peeks we got at the style of the 28 Reasons era were a collection of Snow White-themed teasers, where SEULGI wears a gorgeous MARINA EERRIE dress and Simone Rocha platforms. So ethereal! Since this dress is so unique, it’d be a little hard to find a perfect dupe, but we think this dress is an airy option that has a lace top and flowy skirt like hers. Don’t forget the chunky shoes!

‘Anywhere But Home’

It’s no secret that 90s fashion has been having a moment, but we think this punk-inspired SEULGI outfit is one of the best takes we’ve seen on that revival! We’d start with a black and white striped sweater (or even a black and red one, to match Seulgi’s sleeves) and either a shorter or midi plaid skirt, depending on the vibe you wanna go for.

‘Lost In Los Angeles’

For the villainous, Grimhilde-themed side of her teasers, SEULGI rocked a cutout jacket by Mugler with a mini-skirt from Lado Bokuchava! This look is the perfect inspiration for a sleek night-out outfit with a cropped blazer and a black skirt. Bonus points if you wear red lipstick as a nod to the background of these standout teasers.

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Of course, we had to save what might just be the most iconic look of the 28 Reasons era for last! In the ’28 Reasons’ music video, Evil SEULGI wears a black buckle co-ord that’s beautifully accessorized with a Vivienne Westwood necklace and embellished armbands. You could take inspiration from her look with a buckle top and shorts, but since this is such a unique look, your best bet would be to DIY it! We’d start with a tube top and black shorts, then collect a bunch of bold belts in this style to sew or fabric glue on.

Which 28 Reasons look takes the ‘Crown’ as your personal fave? Did you add any of these dupes to your cart? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more K-Pop fashion content, click here.



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