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7 NMIXX Stages That Can Convince You To Become An NSWER

7 NMIXX Stages That Can Convince You To Become An NSWER

Ever since their February 2022 debut, NMIXX has consistently delivered not only bops but also incredible performances that bring our favorite songs to life in such exciting ways. They’ve taken us all into their magical MIXXTOPIA (part of their lore, but that’s for another day) with jaw-dropping vocals, interesting beats, and bubbly personalities!

To celebrate all of NMIXX’s achievements and the fun memories they’ve made with NSWERs along the way, we wanted to round up some of our favorite performances they’ve given us! If you’re an NSWER, this will be like a walk down Memory Lane, and if not, get ready to stan these girls because they’re awe-inspiring.

‘O.O’ At Inkigayo

NMIXX’s first Inkigayo performance was truly one for the history books! It kicked off on a high note with a cool intro segment, then showed our girls performing ‘O.O’ in the neutral, military-esque outfits from the music video. Once the signature switch-up happened, it cut to a version of the same performance in brighter, pastel outfits! We know it was just camera magic, but it’s more fun to think NMIXX can just do that on their own somehow. 

‘Kill This Love’ At It’s Live

If you’re covering a song as iconic as BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love,’ it’s nearly impossible to capture the same energy as the original. But NMIXX came pretty close with their unique version on It’s Live, which employed a full band to add some extra drama and depth. Even though Jinni had to skip out because she was sick, the girls delivered some of their best vocals to date and blew us away with their stunning harmonies!

‘TANK’ At Studio Choom

Okay, technically not a “stage,” but we think NMIXX’s rendition of ‘TANK’ at Studio Choom is definitely a standout performance! From those gorgeous white costumes to Lily’s show-stopping high notes to finally giving us the full version of the energetic choreo they teased in their debut trailer, there was really nothing about this performance that we didn’t love. 

‘Thunderous’ At KCON 2022

Part of why we love KCON events so much is how they let our favorite idols show a different side of their talents with fun covers. In NMIXX’s case, they wowed us with their edgier side thanks to this cover of Stray Kids’ ‘Thunderous!’ From the moment Jiwoo started rapping Changbin’s iconic verse, we knew this would be a stage to remember. And even with Haewon sitting out from the dance due to an injury, the girls absolutely crushed this!

‘DICE’ At K-909

One of Korea’s new music shows, K-909, is already practically NMIXX’s home! Haewon has appeared as one of the MCs of the show, and the full group’s first appearance on the show gave us a pretty legendary rendition of ‘DICE.’ It was notably the first time Sullyoon performed her iconic high note live, and the other girls sound just as amazing! Plus, those outfits? Chef’s kiss.

‘COOL (Your rainbow)’ At Inkigayo

Performances of ‘COOL (Your rainbow)’ are few and far between, but even then, the Inkigayo version is definitely up there as one of our top NMIXX stages! The Y2K-esque, patchwork outfits were so fresh, and their vocals were absolutely beautiful. We love their big, eye-catching stage moments, of course, but we really like how they kept this one simple to let the song be the main focus. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to go recreate Jinni’s adorable ribbon hairstyle and Bae’s sweet t-shirt-and-shorts combo!

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‘O.O’ + ‘DICE’ At The 2022 MAMA Awards

A moment of silence (and a few tears) over the fact that this was the last OT7 stage we got… Okay, now that we got that out of our systems, let’s discuss NMIXX’s first-ever MAMA Awards performance! From the final Jinni “hOOk hOOk” during ‘O.O’ to Kyujin’s powerful ‘DICE’ intro on top of that platform, every second of this performance had us on the edge of our seats. Plus, the live band brought such cool energy to songs we already loved, and we have to mention Sullyoon, Haewon, and Lily’s iconic high-note combo!

NSWERs, which of NMIXX’s performances have been your favorite so far? Non-NSWERs, have we convinced you to stan the girls yet? Let us know in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more NMIXX content, click here


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