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E’LAST Give Us The ‘Thrill’ We Needed

E’LAST Give Us The ‘Thrill’ We Needed

Are you ready for the ‘Thrill?’ (See what we did there?) We were so excited to hear about E’LAST having a comeback, and now we’re on cloud nine after listening to it!! While it may be a digital single with one song and its instrumental version, it sure is enough to make us this ecstatic. After all, this is E’LAST, and they never cease to impress. We have so much love for the release, and we want to share it with all of you. “VAMOS” (Yes, we couldn’t contain ourselves, can you blame us?)

Where do we even start? ‘Thrill’ left us screaming and replaying over and over and over… and you get it. And yet, finding words to express that feels hard, but we’ll try. We hope we will convince you to listen as well (if you haven’t already) because this one is another NO SKIP from the boys. It gets the THP stamp of approval!

After their last release, namely ROAR and the title ‘Creature,’ we did not think E’LAST could outdo themselves yet again, but here we are, proven wrong! They came to steal the scene and succeeded. But, truthfully, don’t they always? The boys have constantly shown their musical prowess, never missing with their sound or choreography. Now, we are sad that Seungyeop could not be part of this comeback due to his recent enlistment, but we will keep him in our hearts and continue to support his group until and after his return.

Now, to finally get to the song which sticks out from the rest of E’LAST’s discography so far! What grabbed us right away with ‘Thrill’ was definitely this new sound the boys decided to experiment with. It reminds us of older K-Pop styles (especially during the pre-chorus and chorus itself), combined with some more modern tunes. A retro-like track with rock elements that make it stand out as a musical release overall.

The way the members deliver ‘Thrill’ is, simply put: beautiful. We love that each and every one of them gets to showcase their voices, and we’re here swooning over them. The boys owned the whole thing, and that chorus is nothing less than a chef’s kiss. Also, the part with Baekgyeul and Wonhyuk synchronizing their vocals? Fanning ourselves from how beautiful it sounded. And did we mention Wonhyuk and Yejun helped write the lyrics? That’s right, we’re seeing members’ participation once again and we are here for it, all hands up!

Okay, but we can’t talk about an E’LAST release without mentioning the music video. If you already loved the song, you’re in for an even bigger treat with these visuals! The boys always shake hearts with how stunning each of them are, (as if coming out of a fairy tale book… No? Just us?), and that especially goes for their videos.

The way we get a quick reference to ‘Creature’ right at the very beginning of the video got us even more hyped than we already were. We got a whole stage with color-changing light projectors, and the talented boys giving it their all (as usual)! We believe we did mention they were scene stealers. Well, this whole scene belonged to them, and them alone, and we simply exist to enjoy it to its fullest.

It’s also the little things that grabbed our attention, and we are curious if it’s the same for you. First, the giant wreath of flowers (okay, maybe not so little) in which we got to see Wonjun, Choi In, and Romin at different parts of the video. That definitely had a very aesthetic look, but at the same time, it reminded us of a beautiful trap. Could it be a reference to how some relationships feel like a trap, but we aren’t rushing to escape from them due to their alluring sides? The lovely, yet sometimes not-so-good, parts of it?

And did anyone notice the moon in the background during Rano’s part and the little bite gestures during the chorus? Did it remind you of ‘Creature,’ too? We sure were thinking about that!

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There is another very specific, special thing when it comes to E’LAST, and that is their choreography. When the boys perform, it’s more than just a dance – it’s a whole show of its own! Think of a theatrical, musical performance but with one song. From start to end, they grab you and don’t let you go, but is anyone really complaining about that? We know we aren’t! This is exactly how we felt with ‘Thrill,’ too, and we are clapping for all the hard work the group put into creating something so immersive.

How did you like E’LAST’s new song? Was it a thrilling experience? We want to hear all about it, and you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to share with us!

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