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Exclusive Interview: E’LAST’s iDENTIFICATION In Latest Album

Exclusive Interview: E’LAST’s iDENTIFICATION In Latest Album

E'LAST interview

After a while since the release of ROAR and months after the digital single ‘Thrill,’ the boys of E’LAST made their much-awaited comeback with a whole mini-album. After listening to iDENTIFICATION, we were once again mesmerized by their talent and diverse musicality. This album not only introduced yet another different title track, ‘Kiss me baby,’ but it also features songs in which the members actively took part in the production process. And they are beautiful!

We couldn’t help but wonder how the boys manage to give us such incredible new music styles every time and how they feel about their latest release. Luckily, we got an opportunity to ask the E’LAST members a couple of the questions that were keeping us up at night.

Check out our interview with E’LAST below.

Congratulations on your comeback with iDENTIFICATION! You are constantly showing us different musical styles, and the new title track ‘Kiss me baby’ is no exception. What was the inspiration behind the song? 
YEJUN: Well, literally ‘Our story’ is the inspiration behind this album. Although this song may appear as a simple love song at first glance, it actually reflects our challenge and passion for working day and night to achieve our goals. 

Out of all the concepts you’ve tried so far, is there one that stands out the most for you, and why? Which is your all-time favorite title track so far? 
BAEKGYEUL: Actually this album is my personal favorite because each member’s participation was great, and the concepts fit them so well, making it more memorable and cherished.  

‘Kiss me baby’ has very fun movements for the chorus. Who came up with the choreography, and do those parts have a special name? 
RANO: Director MOTF and the team gifting us with such a great choreography. I truly appreciate. Well…there isn’t a special name for the move, but I guess something like ‘Heartbeat Kiss Dance’ or ‘Pulse Kiss Dance’ would be fitting? LOL 

Out of all the songs from iDENTIFICATION, if you had to pick one as your favorite, which one would it be and why? 
RANO: All the songs on this album are very special and important to us, but personally, my favorite song is ‘Together.’ The reason for this is that we were directly involved in creating the melody and the lyrics for this song as artists. And, most importantly, it’s a gift to our beloved fans, ’ELRING’ making it the most cherished and dear to my heart. 

For fun, can you do an acrostic poem of E’LAST (or of ELRING if you’d like)?
E Elast is 
L Lovely 
A And 
S Special
T Thank you❤️ 

You love your fans a lot and often gift them with various content. Is there something that you haven’t shown yet but wish to do for them? 
BAEKGYEUL: I hope to shoot our own content with ELRING like ‘AMUSEMENT PARK PICNIC’ something like that ways.  

Member Wonjun already made his acting debut, and E’LAST made an appearance in the drama. Are any of you wishing to try out acting, and what is your dream role? 
WONHYUK: I really want to try acting, especially in a student role. I mostly spent my school days as a soccer player and trainee, so I didn’t have a proper school life. That’s why I’d like to take on a student role and experience the school life. 

Speaking of dramas, do you like watching shows/movies, and what are your current favorites? 
WONHYUK: These days I’ve been really enjoying the Disney+ series The Worst of the Worst. I love both movies and TV shows so much that it’s hard for me to choose one LOL 

Is there a member who you think fit this comeback’s concept the most, or stood out the most and why? 
WONJUN: I can tell ‘RANO’. He got haircut and dyed It black and I’d rather like his visual this time personally. Also, when it comes to the performance and highlight part of his, It was best part for me.  

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Are there any specific lines/parts from the songs on this album that are your favorite/stand out to you the most? 
ROMIN: I like every our song haha. I want to introduce one of our songs titled ‘Together’ from this album and the lines goes to the bridge part with the 4 vocal members “We know. No one knows what the end would be like from the way. I am fine to be with you. Even it is too painful. I won’t let you go holding your hand forever. Face the darkest moment and lean each other. We can move forward and shine at the end. Cause we are together.“ It sounds like we are telling our true feeling to ERLING and it touched me all the time.  

You have a song called ‘Neverland’ and there’s a line from ‘Kiss me baby’ that goes “Feel me like a fairy tale.” What are your favorite fairy tales? 
ROMIN: I like ‘The puppy poop(강아지 똥)’ the most. CUTEST EVER!  

E'LAST interview
Image source: Courtesy of E Entertainment | OFF THE RECORD (OTR)

Big “Thank you” to the members for taking the time to answer our questions! It was a pleasure to get to know their thoughts like this. How did you like our interview with the insanely talented E’LAST? Do you feel like you learned something new and interesting about them? What’s your favorite part of it? We’d love to know more, so shoot us a message at @thehoneypop or on our Facebook and Instagram.


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