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ROUNDTABLE: We’re Eager To Watch tripleS EVOLution Evolve Into K-Pop Icons!

ROUNDTABLE: We’re Eager To Watch tripleS EVOLution Evolve Into K-Pop Icons!

You know we at THP love introducing you to the latest and greatest in K-Pop, and we have such a special treat for you today! We’re gonna be talking about tripleS’ latest sub-unit, EVOLution, who are absolutely taking the K-Pop scene by storm already. They recently made their debut with ‘Invincible’ and their first-ever full album – we promise you’re gonna love it and them as much as we do. 

To celebrate ‘Invincible’ and the ⟡ (Mujuk) album, we got to attend a Zoom roundtable with tripleS EVOLution and learn about their debut from the girls themselves! And in this hive, what’s ours is yours, so we’re recapping some of our favorite moments and things we learned to let you in on the fun.

Meeting tripleS EVOLution

EVOLution is the fifth sub-unit of tripleS and includes eight members, both new and friendly faces. Already-unveiled tripleS members YooYeon, NaKyoung, ChaeYeon, JiWoo, and SooMin are back and better than ever, and we also got to meet the amazing Mayu, Kotone, and YeonJi! 

Each of the girls was so friendly and excited to be talking to us, and we could instantly tell how passionate they are about the music they make. At the beginning of the call, they went around introducing themselves with their name, S number, and a kind smile. It also stood out to us how stylish the members are, even in comfy, neutral-toned clothes! 

I believe the three hashtags that best describe our group are “#strength,” “#invincibility,” and “#shine.” The “#shine” comes from the symbolism of a diamond representing EVOLution, and it embodies both “#strength” and “invincibility” due to its hardness and resilience.


Forming EVOLution

tripleS are already reshaping K-Pop – not only do their music and visuals always impress us, but we think their dynamic system is a total game-changer in the industry! tripleS has 24 members in total (we still haven’t met them all) that they reveal through different sub-units after fans themselves get to vote on which members will join. Each voting event is called a Gravity, and they let fans vote on everything from sub-unit lineups to promotions to even their fan name, WAV. JiWoo explained that wanting to “meet [their] fans’ expectations” is a big motivator for the members to do their best. 

One of the benefits of being in this group is that our sub-units are determined through a fan vote called Gravity. This allows us to showcase a different facet of our talents each time, enabling us to present diverse concepts and music.


‘Invincible’ & The Mujuk Album

If you’re a K-Pop fan and you haven’t had tripleS EVOLution on repeat for the past few weeks, what have you been doing?! We haven’t been able to get ‘Invincible’ out of our heads since the first time we heard it. It’s an electrifying anthem all about being dedicated to your dreams and knowing how strong you are, which we think was the perfect debut song for this sub-unit! It shows off their power so well in both their music and personalities, giving us everything we could’ve wanted while also making us even more excited to see what comes next. 

It was my first debut, and everything felt fresh since I’d never done a music video before. I encountered some challenges and felt like I missed a few details, but thanks to the support of the members, I managed to overcome those difficulties. Our music video also showcases some aspects of tripleS that we hadn’t revealed to the public previously, as we ventured into new territory with new challenges. The whole process was enjoyable overall.


Alongside ‘Invincible,’ EVOLution’s Mujuk album gives us seven more incredible songs that are destined to motivate you to achieve your own goals! Trust us, add these tracks to your getting-ready playlist and you’ll be so empowered to take on the day. Everything on this album is mind-blowing, but if you want some recs to start with, we’d point you toward the gorgeous ‘Rhodanthe’ and the sleek ‘37.5 Celcius.’

With our album Mujuk, our intention was to convey a message of self-love, emphasizing the importance of loving oneself. Just like diamonds that are hard to break, overcoming difficulties and challenges will only make you stronger.


Their Love For Fans

With their fan-centric approach, tripleS are paving a new landscape in K-Pop that we can’t wait to see unfold. As fans, we always love to feel included and appreciated in what our faves are doing! That’s one of tripleS’ main focuses and standout qualities, and the girls’ love for WAV really shined through during our conversation. Their faces lit up while talking about fans, and JiWoo even said that “it’s [their] fans who make [them] shine the brightest!” 

YeonJi, Mayu, and I are making our debut through EVOLution, and it was our first time meeting and greeting our fans on stage. When we saw them in person, we could truly sense their genuine love for us, and that feeling empowered and energized us a lot.


We already had so many reasons to love the girls, and our hearts were absolutely melting as they showed how much WAV mean to them. 

tripleS’ Different Sub-Units

As we mentioned earlier, everyone in EVOLution, aside from Mayu, Kotone, and YeonJi, has already debuted before in different tripleS units! Here’s where you’ve seen each member before:

  • YooYeon: Acid Angel From Asia and Acid Eyes
  • NaKyoung: Acid Angel From Asia and Acid Eyes
  • ChaeYeon: +(KR)ystal Eyes and Acid Eyes
  • JiWoo: +(KR)ystal Eyes and Acid Eyes
  • SooMin: +(KR)ystal Eyes and Acid Eyes

We could only imagine how exciting it must be to debut once, let alone multiple times! NaKyoung talked a bit about what it’s like to be in multiple sub-units, and what makes each of those units special. 

The key difference lies in the way our energy and dance skills come together as a team. When making comebacks with different sub-units, I prioritize teamwork, focusing on how well our members collaborate. You can expect a vibrant and energetic atmosphere from us as a team.


If you were around for the Gravity vote that decided the EVOLution members, you’ll know that the same Gravity vote helped decide the members of another tripleS sub-unit, LOVElution! During the voting process, WAV learned about the two different concepts (with EVOLution’s being edgier) and even got to choose the order in which the units debuted. Another cool tie between the two units is that LOVElution’s SoHyun helped write EVOLution’s ‘Moto Princess!’

Both EVOLution and LOVElution are sub-units of tripleS, sharing a common message of self-confidence and self-love. LOVElution expresses this message through a bright, refreshing, and exciting image, while EVOLution does so with a strong, intense, and cool image. This difference in image is what sets the two units apart.


Their Bond As A Group

We’ve all seen those TikToks that question how close the members of a K-Pop group really are, and we can tell you right now: those videos won’t be popping up for tripleS EVOLution. They have such a great dynamic as a group, and it’s clear how much they each care about each other! Throughout the roundtable, they mentioned a few times how much they value their connection, and it was so sweet to watch.

Our team comes together based on fan decisions, so we make an effort to communicate extensively within the group to build stronger bonds and support one another. We also hold regular meetings to give feedback, discuss the team’s needs, and ensure we’re working together effectively.

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We also got to see that connection in action, not only throughout the conversation, but also in how they looked out for each other. We asked Mayu if there’s a certain song by another tripleS sub-unit that she would want to remake as an EVOLution song, and her fellow members jumped right in to help clarify the question for her when she misunderstood it. Her answer was a great one, BTW!

I choose the song ‘Generation’ because I remember seeing its performance on television when I was a student in Japan, and it serves as the debut song for tripleS, holding significant meaning. Therefore, I’m eager to give it a try.


Another question during the roundtable asked about what skills make each of the members stand out. Most of the members talked about their teamwork and how special their work as a group is! They’re so supportive of each other, and we absolutely love to see it. 

“The fact that we help one another is what makes us shine the brightest,” SooMin said, while Kotone added, “I think the fact that we all respect one another is what makes us shine.”

NaKyoung noted, “Trusting one another and the energy that we share is the driving force of our group.” ChaeYeon also shared, “What truly shines and holds value is the confidence all members have in themselves, in our team, and in our shared pursuit of our dreams as we move forward.”

I think it is the teamwork. We are always shining bright when all eight of us are together.


Thank you so much to tripleS EVOLution for chatting with us! We’re so excited to watch you evolve with every comeback, and we know you’ll shine bright every step of the way.

Now we wanna hear from you, honeybees! Which track on Mujuk is your favorite? Do you have a tripleS EVOLution bias? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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