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3 E’LAST Romin Eras That Live In Our Heads Rent-Free

3 E’LAST Romin Eras That Live In Our Heads Rent-Free

E'LAST Romin

E’LAST have stolen our hearts with their music, performances, and immense talent. On top of all that, they keep capturing our attention with their personalities and love for ELRING. It’s simply impossible not to stan this group. Being huge E’LAST fans also means appreciating each member, and we are so ready to do it with all of you! On this article’s agenda is none other than Romin, a talented boy with exceptional charisma!

Here’s how it all started! We were minding our business, casually listening to ‘Thrill’ and falling more into the song’s spell, and it made us realize: this is how we feel every time the boys release new music or content. And, from there on, we got to thinking: what were our impressions of the previous E’LAST eras, did anyone stand out more, and when, and if we had to pick a favorite one, which would it be?

Well, choosing a favorite might be impossible, but we have the next best thing ready for you! Are you prepared? We decided to share our favorite Romin eras and why we can’t stop thinking about them. Fun right? Sit back, relax, and get ready to swoon.

‘Dark Dream’

Where do we even start with this one? The dominating purple color of his hair and that royal-like concept definitely left a mark and got sealed in our memories. But his looks were not the whole reason we keep thinking of this particular E’LAST Romin era. It’s the rapping he did for ‘Dark Dream!’ We did not expect, let alone were we prepared, to witness that. It left everyone in shock, as it was another charm we had learned about him, and we won’t stop thinking about it any time soon!


What happens when E’LAST switches to a cuter concept? We get an unforgettable memory filled with adorable expressions, dance moves, and smiles. We are so happy that the boys promoted ‘To.Lie’ because we think about it a lot. And, to focus on Romin, look at that bright green color and all the cute poses and faces he makes! It gets us smiling whenever we hear the song or watch the performances, and this particular fancam we’re sharing shows just how much fun Romin is having while on stage. Doesn’t it fill your hearts with joy?


Of course, we had to put ‘Creature’ on the list too. Don’t you think Romin fits the concept well? Other members have expressed that opinion, and we have to agree. We got to see a wilder side with this performance and the era itself, and it was such a treat. ‘Creature’ Romin will forever be one of our favorites!

Bonus Era

We were going to stop at three, but there is one additional era that we wanted to point out. This one is a bit special in that only four out of the eight members can say they were part of it. Did you guess it yet? Yes, we’re talking about that sub-unit E’LAST U and their song ‘The beginning of spring.’

Romin, alongside fellow members Choi In, Wonjun, and Seungyeop, formed this unit back in 2021, giving us another experience under the E’LAST name. While more gentle at times, the song has quite the powerful choreography and impact that pulls a listener. We had trouble deciding whether to share the music video or a Live performance, but we went with the first choice, as it has an ethereal vibe overall, and we believe it compliments Romin quite a lot.

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What do you think of these E’LAST Romin eras we shared? Which ones are your favorite? Hop on to our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and let us know. We’d be very happy to hear your thoughts.

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